severe Lower back after running then lifting a heavy weight

Hi all

I am after some advice for my wife, we went running this morning on a 5mile loop (her longest distance so far) and the kids on their bikes. She felt great from the run but as she was putting one of the kids bikes back in the shed, she picked up and moved one of my weight bars lifting it up to chest height to move it over something.

the bar weighs about 30kg and she probably did not lift it very well (bent back and all).

She shouted for me to grab the bar as she was in very severe pain in her lower back about 1 inch above the top of the bum crack ( sorry best way I could think of describing it).

She did not move for quite some time in bad pain, as with most women she has a high pain tolerance so this "realy" hurt.

This was about 4 hr ago now, she laid on the floor for a while with an ice pack on it and took Ibuprofen. 

She can move now with just a bit of discomfort, but any randome movement can cause bad pain.

I have massaged the area for a while and from her description it is in the centre right on the spine not at each side.


I am worried but its not the sort of thing to go to A&E with what would your advice be.

Hopefuly its just muscular and heat or ice and very gentle stretching will help.

She is 5'8" and weighs 9st so not over weight with a good general level of fitness.

Any advice you can offer would be very much apreciated


  • Hi,

    With back injuries there are a few "red flag signs" to look out for. They are pins and needles or numbness, especially in the "saddle area" between the legs or down into the feet. Any issue with bladder or bowels since the injury (being unable to pass fluids or faecally incontinent). Any weakness or heaviness in the legs.

    If she has none of these signs then it's likely A&E will just give pain relief and send her away.

    If it's low back pain with no leg pain then that's a good sign. Ultimately it's up to you but if it were my back I'd take pain relief use ice or heat (whatever works) and stay active where possible (prolonged rest can make it worse). Rather than A&E I'd see the GP ASAP. But if in doubt, get it checked out.

    Hope that helps

  • Hi Tom,

    Thanks for the reply. Thats prety much the aproach we are going with a the moment. It just seems to be lower back pain just very low down. She does say her left bum cheek feels very slightly tingly.

    She is keeping active its just certain movements that make it hurt badly. She is just very P****D of at doing it and thinking about how long it will take to fully heal before she can run again.

    Will probably go to see the GP on Monday.


  • Sometimes these things settle very quickly. Can be as little as a week or 2.

    Around 90% of back pain settles in 6-8 weeks so hopefully it wont be a long term issue. Well worth seeing the GP though.
  • Once again thanks for the info, was just getting used to my wife being able to run 4 to 5 miles at a reasonable pace so we could all go out together.

    Sucks when you get injured.


    Thanks again


  • No worries, hope she's back up and running soon!
  • Better teach her how to power clean it for next time image

    Most oly bars are 20kg. Not heard of one being 30. Still pretty heavy if you're untrained.

    Back injuries suck. Just a matter of waiting. I wouldn't suggest she runs while it's healing.
  • Oh bugger. My lower back right down at my coccyx, has been sore for weeks. My physio glared at me last week and muttered something about possible stress fractures, so I have obeyed him for a change and not run for a week. I see no improvement so far. I didn't even bother going to my GP who has a BMI of about 30. Perhaps that is silly in case I have disintegrated. Regards to your wife. She has my sympathy.


  • evening andynic,

    i hope your wife is feeling a bit better.

    could i just add a note of caution? if you are not trained in massage, id suggest you dont 'massage' over any injured area.

    also, still worth her going to the gp, in my humble opinion.

    oh agnes b, does your doc's (assumed) bmi mean he knows nothing? i realise it would be a case of you doing as he said not as he does (possibly), but (assumed)excess weight doesnt always effect one's brain or intellect . . .

  • sounds like classic symptoms of a herniated disc to me - i've been there before

    rest & ice - she should really consult a professional ASAP too

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