Blaydon Race

I'm looking forward to my first Blaydon race today. Good luck to everyone else on here running today.


  • Gez have you ever got so wet in a race? Excellent goody bag though, and the rain helped me keep cool and get a PB. Ace.
  • Hope you had a good one Gez

    Russell: A well done on the pb.image

  • Cheers birkmyre

  • Thanks Birkmyre. It was dry all day, and then absolutely chucked it down right at the start. Well done on a PB Russell.

  • Gez: No probs

    Russell: The same to you

  • I got absolutely soaked, but it was hilarious running in such heavy rain - I could barely see.

    The fact I was running in a Can-Can dress didn't help.

    My Garmin has died now though - got so water logged it now won't switch on, even after drying it out in rice  image.

  • I think you overtook me about 1/2 mile from the end, Shielsy; unless there was more than one person running in a dress.

    Sorry to hear your Garmin died. Have you tried a hard reset? My wife's Garmin looked as though it had died after getting soaked a few months ago, but a hard reset fixed it. I hope yours makes a speedy recovery.

  • Have you tried putting it in the airing cupboard? I dropped my iPod in the bath and it wouldnt turn on. Put it in the airing cupboard for a day or so and was absolutely fine!
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