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Hi there. I live in Sevenoaks, Kent and am looking for either a running buddy or a running club in the area. I have a good basic level of fitness, have been running on and off for the last 10 years, love hills and have completed a few marathons. Last race was a 1/2 marathon in April in 1.52. Can anyone help me?


  • Kym,

    Sevenoaks Athletics Club have quite an active group and are quite friendly. They run on a Tuesday evening from Sevenoaks Swimming Club. They have a website but I can't remember what it is at the moment. Otherwise apparently there is one at Swanley that are really friendly but I haven't been along there yet.

  • Brilliant. I shall check them out. Many
  • I am a member of Swanley and we are a very friendly bunch, that meet on Tues, Wed and Sundays
  • I'll have to take a look at my map and see where that is. Can I have a phone number to call u and chat?
  • Drop me an email and I will provide you with a phone number and maybe we can chat over email?
  • If you don't mind the drive down the A21,Tunbridge Wells Harriers are friendly !!
  • You need to love hills if you live in Sevenoaks! I grew up there and my parents live near the White Hart. When I visit I'm always flummoxed by the fact that I have to run up a big hill at some point!

    I've heard from my Dad that Sevenoaks AC is a friendly club. I think they've just started some sessions for beginners (we were trying to persuade my Mum to go) so they should support runners of all abilities.

    I visit my folks quite a lot and I'd offer to run with you in Knole on occasions, but you're too fast for me!

    Hope you find a good club.
  • What did I say to make you think that then Coco? Actually, I'm going to have a go with the Sevenoaks Athletics Club myslef, even though I can't make the next date. They run in Knole Park which is where I often go myself. I think the wild deer find it amusing to watch us mad humans dashing around in the heat! Anyway, if you want to go for a run, let me know next time you're in town. I always ran with freinds when I lived in Switzerland and am pretty used to hills, but I've never got used to running alone (at least not when it comes to pushing myself!!)
  • Thanks Dunc1. I'll check out the local one first and see how I go.
  • Kym, I was in Sevenoaks for the Bank Holiday and checked with my Dad about Sevenoaks AC. He is a member although he doesn't train with them very often as he prefers to run on his own. They are a very friendly club and have elite runners as well as a women's group and a beginners' group. Good luck!

    We're down again on 13th/14th Sept for my husband to do the Sevenoaks Triathlon. I thought I might do the Larkfield 10K on the same day, have you ever done that one?

  • Hi Coco, I'm going out with the Sevenoaks club next Tuesday for the first time and looking forward to it. I'm struggling to get out alone,then laying in bed at night and regretting not having gone! I've heard of the Sevenoaks tri (have you got the website by any chance?) but not the Larkfield 10K. Where is that? I might be tempted if it's on the Saturday..
  • Hi Kym

    Larkfield is just beyond Borough Green off the A20. About halfway between Sevenoaks and Maidstone. It's years since I've been there but I used to go to the swimming pool there as a youngster because it was the nearest with a wave-machine! (this was the eighties!) The 10K is listed on the events section of this site and starts at 11am from the leisure centre.

    Sevenoaks tri website is:

    Both the 10k and the tri are on the sunday.

    Good luck with the club. Let me know how you get on.

  • Kym - I'm also new to this but have just starting linking up with runners from the Beckenham and the London City threads (in Beginners). I believe that there is a run planned on Sunday from Farnborough (nr Orpington).
  • Tx for the website. Just about to take a look. I'm going up to Londont o buy some new runnignshoes today - how's that for incentive.
    I can't make weekend runs for the next few months Pathfinder as I'm travelling a lot, but I appreciate the thought and will bear it in mind for the future.
  • Kym
    Where do you work?
    If its in London I run from Tower Bridge to Petts Wood once a week or so and you can always jump on a train to Sevenoaks from there. Also Pathfinder mentioned the Beckenham Group but an alternative is its sister URWFRC City and South East London. We paln runs all over the place ime during the week. It may be that we can plan some weekend runs tofrom Orpington which is 7 miles each way.

    Also look out for Scotty who lives in Sevenoaks and is a member of Sevenoaks AC.

    Orpington RR meet on Tuesday evening at 8pm outside the Buff at Green Street Green.

    (Hi Pathfinder - will be joiing you on Sunday morning after all for 14 finishing at the pool for a swim)
  • Kym
    A middle-aged lady colleague of mine has just joined Sevenoaks A.C. and is having a great time.
  • Phew. I'm going to be running all day at this rate!

    I live in Sevenoaks and am studying for a degree online from home; just popped in to London to see a mate and buy shoes.

    Sevenoaks AC is on Tuesday evenings too so I won't be able to make both. There's a swim afterwards organised by the Sevenoaks Tri Club so I'm going to try and get in on that too. No peace for the wicked!
  • So I finally made it to the running club. Did the first 7 miles in 62 mins and ached for 3 days! Have now done 7.5miles (12km) in 62 mins this week on a fairly hilly course and am feeling great. I also went out and bought new running shoes which have made a HUGE difference. Yeehaa!! I bought them at the Runner's Shop in Beckenham so I now know where Beckenham is, although it was a bit of a hike by car. Still,t he guy in the shop was good and I have 2 pairs of shoes! I figured I'd see which one I like best, so I can stick with them in the future.
    How's the running going with you all?
  • Hiya Kym,

    Was it you I was chatting to briefly at the pool after Tuesday nights run around Knole Park ?

    I haven't gotten used to everyones names yet as it was only my 4th Tueasday night run.

  • I don't recall metting Marion. Last week I rtan with Christine and this week a bunch set off slighlty early so I didn't meet many of them. I've heard her name mentioned though as a good runner.
  • Are you sure you didn't meet me ? You were showing off with some 'extreme stretching'.
  • Hi Scotty, if you're the one that ran the marathon last Sunday then yes, as that's the only Scot I've met so far!
  • That's the one! Nice to know there's another forumite in the club.
  • This is how I found the club to start with! I set up this thread to try and find a club and got a lot of help along the way. Congrats on your run btw. Where did you say it was? Thurrock or something...?
  • Hmm, that wasn't extreme stretching for me - only for stiff buggers! tee hee
  • It was Thanet. Running from Margate to Ramsgate then out to Minnis Bay then back to Margate again; a beautiful coastal route. Surprisingly only 129 finishers, but a superbly organised event.

    There were about 7 or 8 Sevenoaks AC runners listed for this but I think I was the only one on the day. Very happy with my 3:57.

    Didn't notice your thread earlier as I rarely venture into the Training forum.

    I'm wondering if next Tuesday's run will be in Knole again or if we will be attempting the town route. I'm finding the club runs are really helping with my motivation, especially now that it's so dark in the mornings when I do most of my training.

  • Me too. I've just come back from a quick run to break up the boredom of studying from home which is something I wouldn't have dreamed of doing 3 weeks ago! Plus I'm really pleased with how I kept up with the pace this week - very motivating. I've even signed up for the FLM so it'll be interesting to see if I get in. I prefer off road trails to road running overall, so I hope we run in the park next Tuesday. 4 of us ran in the park this week and it was a bt dark at the end, but otherwise ok. I guess it depends on a group vote although I reckon we could make one or two more personally, especially if we leave punctually. I might take a light torch with me next week just in case.
    Your marathon route sounds pretty.
  • Kym,

    If you didn't recognise me initially from my piccie, I'm guessing that your 'Face It!' function is switched off.

    Under your 'Runner's World Member' details on the top left of this page. Click on 'My Forum' then click on 'Forum Face Control' then click on 'Face IT!'.


    I think I was running with Marion for the first 15 minutes or so of Tuesdays run. Only chatted briefly though.
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