I am posting this on all fora as I believe there are many who are unaware of what the UNOFFICIAL RUNNERS WORLD FORUM RUNNING CLUB (URWFRC) is and does.

The URWFRC was formed shortly after the London Marathon this year by the forumites who were around at the time. Over the months, the club has grown significantly and there are now well over 300 registered users.

The original aim of the club was primarily to allow users to post races that they are running in on the web site and then arrange to meet up with other forumites at these events. This has been very successful. These days, the site boasts training logs, running profiles and all manner of other things. We even have our own kit as well.

If you are interested in joining the club, then goto... or Click Here

...and register. It is totally free to join and everyone is welcome. From here you will be able to find out all you need about ordering kit. We currently offer vests and T-shirts, but will shortly be doing short sleeved and long sleeved running tops too. It is worth remembering that we exist as an ‘unofficial’ club which means we are not affiliated to any athletics bodies and subsequently cannot be used to obtain discounts at races.

And if you have never visited the URWFRC forum before, come and join us. It’s a good laugh and you’re assured a warm welcome whoever you are.


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