Is it wrong trying to compete with people in races? with any initiative to beat them.


  • Nothing wrong with being super competitive as long as you give other people the respect they deserve and observe good race etiquette. Oh, and don't get a ahead of yourselves in how good you think you are, there's always someone better than you.
  • Wrong? In what way? Isn't competitiveness the whole point of a race?

    Without being particularly fast, I'm super-competitive when participating in events. I don't see anything wrong with it at all, quite the opposite really. I agree with Dylan - as long as good race etiquette and good manners are observed then it's fine.

    I'd always stop to help someone in trouble though. A friend and I once stopped halfway through a trail marathon and got out the first aid kit to patch up a lady who had fallen off her bike. And if the person I was racing to the finish line fell over, I'd stop and help them up rather than run off and leave them.

  • well in a running event this person would say how i would make him run faster and faster not that the whole point of competing, or did i do something wrong

  • I enjoy competing, especially if I have seen them several times before....

    However I always shake their hand if they beat me again!!! Lol ;-D

  • A race is competition !
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  • Not computing...

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    odd thread

  • The operative word is 'race'......

  • Every thread by TD34 is odd. I'm not sure that he/she isn't just a wind up merchant. What will tomorrow's odd question be? Is sweating acceptible? Will shaving my balls make me faster?
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