Of all the times......

I can't believe it. Half my first half marathon on Sunday (Windsor), and my left leg has given up on me. Think it's muscle strain, but it's too painful to run and even hurts when I walk. Did the hot-cold thing on it last night which appears to have helped a bit, but now my shin is killing me....why oh why...

Am seeing a phsyio tomorrow night and hopefully he'll be able to do something to ensure I can do the run on Sunday (tho' not sure how well I'll run as I haven't done any running (Except an aborted 20 minute painful run on Sunday) since last Thursday.

Feeling downright miserable now, any motivation will be more than welcome


  • Amanda, the race is only a week away. You wouldn't gain any more fitness by training between now and then anyway. So your taper might be slightly more drastic than you planned, but you won't come to any harm from it.

    Rest, get plenty of sleep and plenty of good food, keep doing the icing, have a splash in the pool if you really must do something, and catch up on that novel you've been meaning to read for ages.

    You should feel much better on the day.

    Best wishes, V-rap.
  • I did the Bristol half on sunday with only being able to train 2 or 3 times a week due to knee pain, and unable to run at all the week before after straining my left calf, I did take painkillers but got round ok. As long as you get good news from the physio I'm sure you'll be fine.

  • Thanks both for the responses. I have thought about taking painkillers on the day if necessary...any recommendations - would ibuprofen be better than paracetamol or doesn't it matter.

    I've been cycling to keep fit, so fingers crossed! (However, it still is demoralising not being able to run - I'll never complain about going for a run again!)
  • I took a couple ibuprofen about an hour before the start along with my pre race banana. and although I was still in a bit of pain to start with after the 1st mile or so it seemed to ease off. As long as you give the muscle a chance to repair it's self you won't really lose anything by not training again.
  • I would be very wary of taking oral drugs such as Ibuprofen before a race.If during the race you became dehydrated, side effects could be serious. I recently succesfully used some pre race Voltarol gel on a painful area (poss periostitis) at the top of my fibula to get round a 1/2 marathon as I was being sponsored for charity. Applied topically, not as much should be absorbed. Voltarol gel can now be purchased from pharmacies without prescription.However pain is the bodies way of saying STOP and REST!!
  • Thanks for all your help. I am resting it a lot, but it means a lot to me to do this half marathon (10 weeks training and charity sponsorship) as I've only ever done 5ks before.

    I will try and rest before the day - and it's good to know that not running this week won't be too detrimental to my performance (I hope!). Fingers crossed - and I'll let you know what happens next Monday!
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