advice please,last sunday i twisted my ankle ,usual swelling bruising.
seems to be ok i can run ok on it for a 10 mins or so.. i still have swelling on the ankle bone..
does anyone have any ideas how to bring it down.
at the moment im using frozen peas daily
But any fresh ideas greatly recieved ( im hoping to run a half marathon in amsterdam 20/10/02(silly i know )

cheers chris


  • RICE
    rest, Ice, Compression and elevation are all important.
    Are you sitting with the ankle above the knee to allow drainage?
    Be careful how long you ice it for - only a few mins before tissue damage due to cold can set in.
    If you run and it hurts, stop. Have you got it strapped?
    Sometimes you can save time later by resting an injury when it occurs.
    Are you doing any exercises to bring back full mobility, eg supporting the knee and slowly rotating the ankle? Consider a wobble board if you have access.

    Best of luck. If you are sensible, the half is a long way away. 2 weeks is a long time in injury land.
  • Chris - do a s Barkles advises and you should be OK. Also check out the thread from Jem on the Injury forum for her twisted ankle and the suggestions that came out of it.
  • If you don't have a wobble board, just standing on one leg is a start - try to achieve 30 seconds. Then, try crossing your arms and get to 30 seconds again, then closing your eyes, then crossing your arms and closing your eyes. Not as easy as it sounds, even on a good ankle.
  • Mungus - probably even harder for a dog to do - just one leg out of 4 ? And can you see where you are going with that fringe ?

    Oh sorry - I'm straying from the topic.
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