Pain in arch of foot

On monday evening stretching after a spell on the elliptical trainer I experienced what I thought was cramp in the right arch of my foot. The pain went after 30seconds or so and I thought nothing more of it.
Tuesday all was well until I went running. Then for the entire 1 hour run I felt a nagging ache in the arch of the foot. Not enough to impede or slow but sore enough to notice.

I iced it on my return home, but today the pain is a little more persistant, especially when I curl the toes or put a lot of weight on (Like when I am stretching). Also my right calf is quite a bit tighter than usual, but not enough to cause any pain at all whilst running.

Any ideas what the problem could be? I'm hoping its just the residue of the cramp and I can carry on exercising, but if anyone thinks otherwise then I am all ears!

Thanks in advance

PS I did a search on google for foot cramp and got a disturbing number of asian foot fetish sites - it's a strange world!!


  • sounds a bit like the start of platar faciitis... check out the health section on here and also the best of injury and health forums for a few pointers as to how to stop it getting worse.

    Also you need to look after your calf - lots of stretching as that will also be leading to your foot problem... in fact tight calves can bring on PF...

    I hope you make a quick recovery.
  • Spans - Thx for the response. I checked out the health section and the area of pain on my foot (right in the middle of the arch) is a long way from the heel where it says it is on the diagram - so hopefully it is not the dreaded pf!
    Still will probably rest for a day or so and carry on icing etc. cannot do it any harm.
  • keep icing it and fingers crossed it will be fine, when I had it the pain ran down the arch of the foot and wasn't near the heal at all... one other really good place to check out injuries is

    don't want to scare you or anything, just want to make sure that you don't do anything serious that will take ages to heal :)
  • Just a possibility, I wear orthotics because I have a dropped arch in my left foot.

    The symptoms you are describing appear to be the same. I started off by having a dull ache in the arch of my foot, which at first I was able to ignore because it wasn,nt painfull enough to stop me from running. I would just massage it and ice it and carry on.

    However, a couple of months down the line, the pain got worse and spread to the whole bottom of my foot. Yes you've guessed it I had Plantar Faciitus brought on by the fibres in my foot having to work much harder and over stretch to compensate for the dropped arch.

    So I would definately keep an eye on the situation I would/nt want the same thing to happen to you.

    Hopefully your problems are just from the cramp.
  • Go-KL,

     What was the outcome of this injury? I'm currently experiencing something very similar...

  • I have the dreaded PF brought on, I think, by wearing my worn racing trainers just a mile or so too far.  Having battled my way along the Cotswolds Way with the aid of nurofen plus I am now on the injury bench...totally fed up I know I have to rest.  Found Spans site suggestion very helpful. 
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