Running in London

I'm visiting London shortly for a meeting. With a long time between flights, I've got time to take my running shoes for a trot round one of the parks: does anyone know of any gyms/swimming pools/sports centre in the Hyde Park area that I could base myself from?
(Preferably one that won't want a year's membership up front!)


  • Hiya Graham,

    The Serpentine Runners at should be able to help. Apparently they have access to changing facilities at a sports centre very near to Hyde Park Corner. There's lots of guidance on routes around the various parks. I run the three parks quite regularly and can thoroughly recommend it.

    Have fun. Scotty
  • Graham
    Cannons in the West End is close to Green Park, Regent Park and Hyde Park - take your pick of great running venues. So far as I know, they have daily visitor rates. If you want I could find out what they are and send directions.
  • Hi

    It's definitely worth checking out the Serpentine RC website. I believe they meet every Wed at 7pm at a leisure centre which is just a few minutes run from Hyde Park Corner. Details should be on their website.

    I used to be a member before I relocated and I can thoroughly recommend the club. They are very friendly and you will be made more than welcome.
  • The nearest Leisure Centre to Hyde Park is Seymour Leisure Centre, in Seymour Place (just off Edgeware Road). They will probably charge you no more than the price of a shower to leave your clothes there whilst you run!
  • Graham, I'm a Serpie and we leave the centre sharp at 7pm on Wednesdays, we meet in the main hall. Most of us get there soon after 6.30.

    And yes we are a friendly bunch, so do join us. I'm not going tonight myself as I'm working late :(
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