Windsor Half


Sorry if this has been covered in the other thread - it's a little long to look through at work :-)

I can't find any details in the race pack about lining up at the start.
Is it just a first come, first serve type of thing? Whenever I've done this in the
past I always need to duck out as nature takes the better of me, and end up
somewhere near the back.

Good luck all those taking part.


  • I am assuming that there may be markers by which you all line up and then bunch together before the start, I have seen this before at other events and it has worked then.

    Maybe Keith or Snoop Doog will have a better idea, I believe they were both running last year.
  • You may read this several times, as I am searching for the various Windsor threads.....

    Ok all, we seem to on an agreement that we will meet at the Beer Tents both before and after the race, you can see this marked on the map in the race pack booklet on the access map page, in the light orange area marked hospitality etc!

    Before the race what time should we be there for? I would say to aim for 12 noon it that ok with everyone? I cant see why anyone will be aiming to get there any later, due to traffic congestion being likely.

    After the race we will obviously be getting there at differing times, but at least we will know where to aim for!
  • With a bit of luck there will be markers for runners so they will start with others running the same time. We're all wearing chips so hopefully there is no advantage of starting further up than you need to. Correct me if I'm wrong people. Brendon if you note your number and estimated finish time, Nattynoodle can add you to the list. There are about 50 of us from this forum running the race.
  • Nattynoodle, How about if any of us want a proper meal after the beer tent , that we make for one of those pubs ? Maybe we can arrange this on sunday.
  • George I can foresee problems with 1) getting out of the car park 2) finiding the pub. Best thing is to find everyone else at a beer tent then ask who wants to find a pub. didn't think you stick with that picture, see you Sunday
  • Hi george and BK, just finished my training for the evening, 5 pints of guinness :) The crispin is quite easy to get to, it is on the A332 which is the same road that the car parks lead to, so if needs be then that will be easy to find, and they serve food all day!

    Other than that I wish all runners all the best, and point them to were you can easily print whatever you need from the site, including my mobile number in case you get lost in the grounds on the day.

    All the best.
  • B.K., I'm only sticking with the picture because even with your help, it took me ages to get it on to the page !
    Maybe I'll try changing it in a couple of months.
  • george that sound like a good enough reason :) unless you have a program like paint shop pro or photoshop then it can be awkward to change the size etc of pics!!
  • Last year they had markers of where to start for your expected time. Didn't work too well though as the pack spread back away from where everyone came in - so as it got crowded people couldn't get through to the lower time areas and ended up joining the front. Plus the markers were low down on the other side of the start so as it got busy you couldn't actually see them. I don't think many people started where they were meant to, or perhaps there were a lot of people overestimatig their ability, but I spent pretty much all of the race overtaking people and it was only my first 1/2!

    Hope it's better this year!
  • and Brendon, there's trees about a mile or two into the race I think - lots of blokes dived off then for a pee.
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