my groin headache

Hi chaps. I can't believe it 10 days to Sherbourne and I get the groin injury from hell. I've iced til I thought I would never father any children : taken Iboprufen, had physio, but it does not want to play at all.

I'm OK (ish) on the bike and swimming. Once i get through the initial 'bite' of the pain I can sort of ignore it especially if I don't try and drive hard uphill from the saddle.

Running is a whole world of pain however. I can hardly pull my right leg through a stride without some real grief.

Is there anything anyone can suggest that will at least get me through the race. I'll deal with the consequences afterwards!!


  • I asked the same question a few days ago and got no response :(
  • Hi,
    I got a recurrent groin injury about a year ago. It started as a twinge but the next few days was hell - I could barely lift my leg - even getting out of cars was a major problem!
    I'm not an expert but from what my physio told me and from my own experience I really would NOT run through it. You will inflame it and it will take longer to fix afterwards...
  • Have faith in the Forum Luke ......
  • Drat and double drat. Not the right answer at all. Where's the one that says everything will be fine and just rub the cream on and it will go away, and do a pb into the bargain?
  • Actually, icing improves the health and motility of sperm.
  • Hmmm. Thanks for that reassuring thought J but I remain unconvinced ; and anyway it's not much good if the ice freezes 'em to the point where they drop off!!
  • Snap-I'v picked up groin strain 4 first time,and had it 4 weeks now although it is getting better-iv also iced it reg,but racing after a few days of picking it up did not help-especially as my usual rivals beat me easy!
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