Footmechanix, surrey

Any comments greatly appreciated


  • Is that the one in West Byfleet?

    If so went there and my problem of not stretching my calves properly leading to PF was solved.I was told that it was up to me if I brought orthotics, as most of my problems were solved by stretching and changing trainers but brought some off the shelf ones so I could run on hard surfaces.

    Before I brought anything (new trainers and orthotics) the insole of my trainers was built up by Karen, the pod, to see if it made any improvement. This was done after gait analysis.

    Be warned the pod hate Nike Air trainers.
  • Meant to say the pod hates Nike Air trainers
  • Ive been there for orthotics. Seemed good.
    I dont agree, Nevermind that she hates Nikes. Told me my Air Structure triaxes were fine. She does have a dislike of Mizunos though, I recall
  • Thanks. Would you therefore recommend I go there for orthotics - I need assessment as well - to hopefully help with my various niggles caused by various biomechanical problems (per my physio). I normally wear Asics so hopefully I'll be allowed in.
  • ahhh whizzkid, so she must look at you and decide what shoes she would hate to see you wear.

    SB you may not need orthotics you could just be running in completely the wrong shoes or something.
  • Thanks. Any suggestions how to diagnose the problem apart from seeing a podiatrist - I'm pretty sure I overpronate (flat feet, typical injuries) although Adidas footscan insists I'm neutral. I assume gait analysis etc will help diagnose problems?
  • Gait analysis and a proper examination by someone who knows what they are doing would.

    According to a foot scan I would be neutral as my first ever pair of proper running shoes where neutral, and my wet foot prints then and now look like I am neutral but no I overpronate.

    If you have been injured I would pay for a pod to see what they advise you to do. That's the only reason I went.
  • Hello there

    Would anyone who has been to Foot Mechanix in West Byfleet give me an idea of cost. My last custom orthotics ( 10 years ago ) were £140 and £125, I think on the phone they have just quoted me £435, does that seem right?

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