I've Just done the Nike 10k

I'm really a road cyclist but I was challenged to do the Nike 10k, I really enjoyed it and I completed it in a time 41.53, everyone is now telling me I've done a good time, and I'm quite keen to do a few more. (although my quads & calves are killing me at present).

But I would like some comments from people who really know how good my time actually is. (ie does it put in the top 20% of the finishers, how would i compare against club runners etc)


  • Not sure about %ages and where you would fit in in a club race, but most people would be delighted to at least be in with a shout of breaking 40 minutes for 10k early in their running career. You obviously have a very good fitness level, and with more running specific training, I'm sure you could take a bit more off your time.

  • It is a time to envy really. I surprised you managed to cut through the crowds to make this time. Top performance. Look at it this way, I think the winning time was 28mins.
  • Sorry, forgot to add that the winner of the last (and only) 10k I ran did it in just a shade over 34 minutes. Quite a lot of clubs have websites where they post race results, so you may be able to find some more info that way.
  • Thanks for the info,

    The reality was that I was fortunate enough to get a clearish run from the start and was just got dragged along with crowd.

    However after about 6 or 7k's I was really suffering, (my leg's wouldn't respond, and weirdly my shoulder and elbow really started aching (is this normal!)), and it seemed everyone was overtaking me. So I just picked one of the people who had overtaken and tried to keep up with them, and when I couldn't lost sight of them I just picked someone else and tried again.

    I imagine my second 5k was a fair bit slower than my first, but knowing that I was competitive makes me think perhaps I should do a few more 10k and perhaps with some specific training.

    Once again thanks for your comments

  • Mark - that is a v good time. I was/am a cyclist, and I think we enjoy the carry over of a good cardio system. It's just the legs we need to work on. That time would have beaten a fair few club runners, but I'm sure you can improve with practice.

    As to the upper body pains - I feel as if my upper body has built up with running - you use the upper body much more so this will go away.

    Can't help with the leg pain though - my legs still ache 2 days after running a 10k.

    I'd like to know what the runners equivalent of going under the hour on a bike is. Anyone any idea ?
  • Some light weight training will help combat the sore shoulders - its just all the jiggling around of unused muscles.

    Leg pain is there to be enjoyed.............

    Cougie - under the hour for what? Is it some kind of holy grail type time trial for 25/30 miles?
  • Sorry Nessie - yeah it's like a benchmark for club cyclists to get under the hour for 25 miles (thus giving you an average speed of 25mph or more).

    Mmm - I must be enjoying this lots then, I feel like my Thighs are made of concrete !
  • Cougie,

    I reckon the hour for a 10 miler

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