Great Scottish Swim Photos

Just incase you missed this one 2 weeks ago in the monsoon of Glasgow, you can see what we all looked like.

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  • Good pics - but it looks very wet indeed !

    Glad I wasn't there !
  • Hmm, these look like the drier stages of the race. The rain (and hailstones) were so heavy as I crossed the start line that it was all I could do to keep enough water out of my eyes to make sure I didn't run into the runner in front. I thought my contact lenses were going to get washed out of my eyes.

    Nice touch by the organisers, though, to arrange the flash of lightning/clap of thunder just as I pressed the start button on my watch!
  • Nessie have you seen your pics there is a great one of you after, who are you with?
  • Nessie,

    What number should I be looking out for ? Re : recognising you on Saturday. Don't be shy.......

  • SB, I've no idea who it was. I had just crossed the line, turned the corner to go and get my chip removed, and this woman stopped me and the other girl and said "can I take your photo?" so we just stood together and smiled inanely.

    Scotty, I'm No 543 and will probably be the one being sick with nerves at the start! I'll look out for you on Saturday and introduce myself.
  • Nessie,

    I meant which No at the GSR. So I can see your piccie to help me spot you on Saturday.

  • D'oh! 5735 at Glasgow, but I don't really look like that - it was the rain.....

    I've just posted a message in the LNM thread that I'll be wearing a red velvet high neck top so between the photo and that, you might just manage to recognise me.
  • Thanks Nessie. Should be easier finding you among the 1,000 plus at the party now.
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