Tri clubs in the north east

Two questions.

1) is it worth me joining a tri club, i've completed a number of tri's marathons, and gone as long as 70.3, but i'm very average. Swimming has never improved really (between 32-34mins for a mile), cycling is s*^t but with the help of an achilles tendon injury (preventing me from running) i'm looking to improve this and my running is ok comfortable sub 1:50 half marathon (1:42 pb).. all together i'm consistently bottom 3rd although i've had flashes of good times when everything has come together.

So basically would i jsut find myself as a back marker in a tri club and get much out of it?


2) I'm gateshead area in the NE and have looked at all of the local tri clubs that i can find with an internet presence and was just wondering if there's anyone out there with personal experience/recommendations of one.





  • Where in the NE matey can be a big place. I'm in a tri club but mostly if I'm honest because it makes open water swimming a lot cheaper. Most tri clubs will have session's to inprove your swimming/bike/bike matanance and run all depends if you have the time to train with them.

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