Nike Vs Polar

Anybody got any thought on the Nike HRM 100/15 compared to the Polar M21. Im looking to buy one or the other so any views will be appreciated


  • i was thinking of buying a Nike HRM and did quite a bit of research about them, nearly everyone that i talked to said they had had problems with them. in the end i got a Polar S210 which has been great
  • I've got a nike and it does everthing I want. I haven't had a problems with it and I think its a little more stylish than the polar. Although I'm sure I look really stylish at the end of my races!
  • well not to worry I've yet to make a race due to shin splints
  • I use the Polar M22 (same functionality as M21, different metalic look). I find it great, but then I am a relative beginner and will probably in time upgrade to one that interfaces with my PC. I'm not familiar with the Nike functions but I've rarely seen anyone using other than Polar (here in Holland anyway!)

    Confused yet?;)
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