Garmin 610 corrosion

Hi bought a Garmin 610 about 6 months ago and have used fairly heavily since (marathon training). I'm noticing blistering on the metal back which look like early signs of rust. Not an issue I've had with previous Garmins - anyone else had similar?


  • I was just looking around the web to see if others were seeing this.  I just noticed this on my watch today - greenish corrosion you'd get with a copper based metal and the metal is chipping away.  I use mine heavily (run 6 days/week and in marathon training as well).  Going to search some more on the issue and call Garmin.

  • There are comments on Amazon on this issue and I think also on this forum.

    Some people claim their wrists have gone green and blistered

  • Had this happen to mine. Rusting around pins and noticed green/blue tinge on watch and my arm after marathons. This came up on garmin forums. I sent mine back and they changed it really quickly (was just in warranty)
  • I've also been dabbling with the idea of getting the 610 but was put off by similar web reports about rusting. The general message seems to be like yours, ringo100, send back and get a replacement. 

    Long term not really a solution though.  Does anybody know if this is a general problem with the 610 or just limited to an unlucky few?

  • I had mine for 11 months and thought mind was ok, but recently the bubbling on the back of the watch started happening.Once the bubbling wears down, it exposes the base metal which then corrodes.

    I contacted Garmin and within 2 days of returning the 610 on a warranty return, I received a brand new watch back. The watch back of the replacement is slightly different to the original - I am guessing it was a common fault so they have done something about it. Still really pleased with the watch, and customer service was faultless
  • while on the subject... i heard somewhere that all the big 610 Black-Friday price cuts coupled with the 410 bezel/misting/etc problems might lead to the 410 being dropped in 2013, being replaced by re-priced 610 and then a new high end model coming out to fill the 610 gap.  Anybody else heard anything like this? 

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