hi, after having problems with a torn meniscus in my knee, ive now been told i need to have an arthroscopy. but i'm a bit worried about the after effects, has anyone had one and could tell me any info on it? what was it like? how long does it take to recover from it? will i be able to drive and run again soon after it? any problems with it?
i'd be so grateful for any info as i'm really nervous about having it done and am not sure wether to bother or put up with the pain in my knee?!


  • hi dead slow

    i had one of these after a rugby injury a few years back. it was a very short op (day operation) and i was on crutches for maybe a couple of days after.

    the puncture wounds take only a couple of days to heal - i've still got scars from these but they are tiny.

    i expect you'd be driving within a week and maybe back running within 4 weeks(difficult for me to say on running as I also had a torn cruciate ligament at the same time - but if anything I think 4 weeks is the maximum)

    overall it was such a minor procedure i would say definitely go for it.
  • Hi ds,

    I had an arthroscopy in 1999 on my left knee. It wasn't to repair/remove cartilage (what they believed at first) but to remove a 'fat pad' which interferred with the movement of my knee - basically it was getting squashed between the bones and causing me pain when I bent my knee. Basically, it is a minor procedure. However I was not given crutches and for the first 2/3 days I felt like my knee was going to dislocate when I attempted to walk. I was driveing after 10 days or so, but had to take it carefully - You will, especially if it's your R knee. I am a hockey player mainly and was training after 8 weeks, back to full strength by 4 months. You must bear in mind that I'd been out of action for 6 months while waiting for the op, so it was regaining fitness generally, skill as well as knee function. Now I have the occasional problem - it clicks and cracks sometimes and it can get a little tired, especially when skiing or racing over 10K plus distances. But when you think of the pounding my knee has taken with the sport I do, it could be worse. Go for it, have the op.
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