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Hi All

I move house soon and I've decided it's time I got broadband so I can dedicate my life to the forums that little bit more!

So I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to who is good and who isn't. I know that some providers can slow to little better than a modem at times so I'd rather avoid this if possible. I work in IT so I'd rather use on that doesn't block sharing the connection for a laptop (I think AOL is very hard to share).

Incidentally, I know there was a thread on this before Christmas so I apologise for repetition but with no search facility I can't find it.

Any advice would be greatfully received.



  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    I use Tiscali. Service has been a bit slow recently, but that might have been due to these damned worms clogging up the Net.

    Only been with them for a month, and chose them on the strength of a good sign-up deal. Fairly happy so far.

    I think they allow sharing - best to check the website.

  • I've been with aol on and off ('cos I get curious about other isp's) for years, and always come back to aol. Now got broadband and very happy with it. If ever help is needed, their telephone and online help desks (although usually if I need help it's 'cos I can't get on line!) are excellent.

    But I know that lots of people moan about them so..........
  • Who? Me?

  • whats the best value broadband supplier now - NTL seels very competitive - they keep advertising a 15ish connection here but its not available to me - so any others coming down below 20 a month yet ?
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    Tiscali do one for £19.99, but it's 256 doobiewhatsits, not the full-speed 512. So 5 times faster than dialup instead of 10.
  • I'm with BT - expensive but reliable

    Pipex are worth a look
  • Done NTL
    Not bad
    Now Telewest
    VV good
  • am with plusnet

    very happy
    nicely networked at home now
    and cgi/php/mysql webspace too

    course its in my interest to refer you :-)
    so drop me an email if you're interested
  • Bt Openworld for me. Excellent service and reliable, connects every time at 570Kbs.
  • Try having a look at:

    I went for Nildram based on a recommendation from a friend at work. Very good so far..
  • Ping Pong Boy, are you wanting to use a machine as a gateway to the internet, and then link your laptop using cat 5? You can do this with AOL, if that's what you're trying to do. Just need to manually set up a network connection and specify which NIC you want to use to allow the connections. if you're not sure have a look on

  • at internet connection sharing
  • Thanks for the info folks. I'm planning on sharing the connection wirelessly so I can use a laptop on my knees (as well as connect with my main PC) and I can't be bothered running cables through the flat.

    I'll check out adslguide and take it from there. NTL & Virgin seem to have some good deals at the moment.


  • I use NTL - the broadband service is very good and extremely reliable, but I think you need to take out telephone line rental - and get a cable tv box as well to be able to use their broadband (I may be wrong on this).
    Oh and pray that they don't c*ck anything up as they are without doubt the most beaurocratically (sic) inept company in Britain. I only put up with them because they are cheap and I don't want to contribute to Murdoch's empire.
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