Lets do this...

hiya all,

going to sign up for my first 10k tomorrow, 

a bit apprehensive as i only occasionaly run, but i do enjoy it,

so i thought why not get out a bit more often , do something i enjoy, get fitter, and generally feel better.

first training run done, around 2 miles, in 20 mins, gotta start somewhere, feel pretty good. Only problem i have to go and do a 12hour night shift, so I wonder how i'll be feeling later.

Any advise would be appreciated........Lets do this.

thanks for reading, 



  • Try one of the training plans, how far off is the 10k run? Stick with the plans and you'll breeze it.

  • the run is the 9th september, so i've got a bit of time. I've read the "my first 10k" so i'm quite looking forward to it. It's the Cardiff 10k quite flat looking at the course map.

  • As a non-runner 10 weeks ago I loosely followed a couch to 5k plan but on the day of the 5k I actually did 10k instead, that was at 6 weeks. It was pushing it a little but I'm now in my 10th week and going for an 8-10 mile run tonight so yes with comittment you've plenty of time. I did my first 8 miler last week and loved it, didn't feel too bad after and felt I could of run further. It did take me an extra day to recover lol.

  • Well  done, great inspiration. i've been out 4 times since sunday, just doing around 2 miles each time, got some time off this week, so i'll try and up the distance slightly, really enjoying it, cant wait to get back out there.

  • Well the weather has been awful today, but i braved the elements, and completed a 3.8 mile run and it took me 42 mins......Well Happyimage.....

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