Cross country shoes & orthotics

Hi everyone,
Anybody using orthotics in Walshes,Felldancers or Swoops? It's my first cross country season coming up and I just wondered if anyone had advice on this subject. I'm using Pegasus with orthotics for everything else. Looking to buy in the next couple of days.


  • I have a pair of Asics gel escapes, not very light but they seem carry the orthotics well
  • AL you've read my mind. I use orthotics in NB854. The Walsh and Felldancers looked like they were designed for people with three toes!
  • Thanks guys,
    I'm still hoping to squash my orthoses into something really grippy and nimble for the the upcoming season. As you suggest Gumby, I may have to get Lazik toe surgery to get rid of a couple either side! A fellow club member is using Swoops to good effect so I think I may start there.
    Cheers Al.
  • I was looking to do the same as you, Al but remember something my physio said, which was that only reason we need orthoes is because we walk/run on artificially flat surfaces which highlight the imbalances in our legs and feet. This begs the question; do you really need to wear your orthoes in cross country shoes?
    I'm a bit stumped on this one and if anyone has any advice I'd be greatful.
  • just so it gets to the top of the pile I'll stick a few more messages in!
  • and again!
  • Ah well, that didn't work then!
  • I've only just seen this thread, so your tactics worked a little, Bear!

    As far as I reckon, when you are running on uneven surfaces, your feet are going to be pronating in both directions constantly, and moving about all over the place, because of the unevenness of the terrain. This would affect neutral runners and pronators in a similar way, no matter what amount of pronation support you have in the shoes you are using. (I think that this is the reason why it is hard to find a offroad shoe with any support against over-pronation - because there is no need for it in a purely off road shoe?).

    So in theory, it isn't as important to wear your orthotics in x-country shoes. Having said that, I am certainly no biomechanics expert and it would be a good idea to check with whoever gave you your orthotics before you ditch them!
  • Sorry guys, I should have explained that I'm a neutral runner. Or I was until my arch collapsed on my right side after 15 years of tae kwon do. I can't walk 200 yards without pain unless I'm wearing them. Running was my first love and at the grand old age of 31 my comeback is looking good. I can run for miles and miles in them and they stop the bones in the arch from grinding. I'm buying Swoops tommorrow and I'll let you all know how I get on with them.
    Thanks Al
  • There is another thread on this subject somewhere. Might be worth using the search.

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