bruised toe nail



  • Ow, ow, ow, ow! God, you guys are having a hell of a time! I seem to lose the toe nail on my second toe, left foot every year at the Dundee half marathon!!!!

    My major problem is blistering on my 2 big toes. Been to see a chiropodist (who is also my sports therapist) and she removed a hell of a lot of skin (totally grossed me out!). Seems my eczema has returned on my feet after an absence of 23 years! I'm moisturising them religiously, but it's really painful to run. It feels that I'm getting blisters when I run, but when I check my feet afterwards, there's no blisters there!

    Any ideas????
  • I run road marathons and mountian running in very-very rough conditions. I have suffered from busied toe nails over the years What I have being doing for the last few years is cutting the tongue out of my old running shoes and trimming the top off leaving a half to three quarters of the tounge.Place in your running shoe between the tongue of the shoe and your sock. Even though your shoe is the correct size the problem area could be your instep. It will not chaff or give you blissters as it does not move. As it fills that area of the shoe it stops you sliding forward I hope this make sense

  • i seem to be ahving a problem of late not with bruied toenails - but bruised toes/bal of feet.  running shop where i got my shoes are decent and they are sure i have the right trainers (& 1/2 size too big)..

    got tight calfs/salus at present which  cant seem to untighten. this could be the problem?

    on both feet its the 3rd toe which "hurts" under the toe and at the end of it...

  • So glad to find this old thread. I am having a similar problem but is getting my 3rd and 4th toe strangely enough.. my shoes are big enough, obviously as it isn't affecting my big toes. I have orthodics.. maybe I'll try the tightening of laces and see how I go.
  • Bah, karma getting me after doing 10k plus for the foest time image my first toe nail is badl6 bruised. Should I not run or just use a gel thing as mentioned or a plaster or something?. Been making such good progress I'm loathed to have to stop for a week or two image
  • Well, after a couple of beers I decided to go for the red hot needle pressure release! Ahh , nail no longer black, pressure reduced... wonder if I've saved the nail?
  • No you haven't. It helps the pain, but nail will still fall off. Watch out for infection.

  • The second toe next to my big toe is very bruised and really painfull, far worse than my old lady knees after a 9 mile training run, I will try with my other trainers next week, but the ones I am running in were properly fitted so soreimage

  • Yep my second toe left foot is very tender. My trainers are a size bigger than shoe size and I wear ood socks. The toe is a hammer toe and I know I claw it when I dont concentrate on trying to relax it............. dreading the 10k water wipeout on saturdy...........will try that sponge protector I think image 

  • As a beginner I have been training three times per week for a 10k race next month, and my big toenail is progressively becomig blacker after each run.  It is not painful but it doesnt look very nice and I dont particularly want to lose my nail. It gets particularly bad after 5km, so I dont want to know what it will look like after 10km. I hope it does not interfere with my upcoming race.

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