London to Brighton

This race is under constant threat because of the large numbers of volunteers needed as marshals and to staff feed stations. I ran it last year and it was fantastic. It also represents 50 years of ultra running history. It can't be allowed to fold.

I had hoped to run it this year but due to other commitments can't. So, I'm going to marshal instead (but I really want to do it next year).

If anyone feels they can lend a hand contact the race organiser:
Ian Champion, 14, Haileybury Avenue, Bush Hill Park, Enfield, Middlesex, EN1 1JJ
Tel/Fax: 0181-372-9151
e-mail: [email protected]

I'll see you there.


  • not sure but I also think Ian is looking to retire from race director and is looking for some help.will be marshalling this year.

    Maybe new runners should marshal first year as an entry requirement.

  • The date assuming all goes to plan this year is Sunday 5th October 2003

    Here's the website

    I would love to help if only it were over here - can you change it to "The Belfast to Dundalk" (53miles)?
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    Ah Ian, just seen this thread. have a few q's:

    -what time did you do last year and how does it compare to your marathon time around then?
    -do you have to run on tarmac the whoel way?
    -what sort of distances do you have to do in training to prepare yourself?
    -is there refreshment stops on the way and do you carry anythign with you?
    -how painful is it no swearing please!) and do you have any tips for controlling it? aspirin?!
    -what time do you start?

    sorry too many q's!

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  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    and i see my message was the last....damn my bad memory.

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  • IanIan ✭✭✭
    Sorry for late reply.

    I did it in 9:13:56

    This was after a marathon of 3:30

    Its tarmac all the way

    I prepared by getting up to a peak of about 85 miles which included one 36 mile run, 4 weeks before the big day. There is a 'get you round' schedule on the Road Runners Club website. I followed that. The main thing is that on such high milage to have one easy week in four to allow for some recovery.

    You can carry stuff with you but there is no need. On the morning of the race just put what you want in the various boxes which are than shipped out to the feed stations which are every 5 miles.

    I particularly recommend rice pudding. And start eating at about mile 10 even if you don't feel like it. I used mostly pud, energy gels and isotonic drink. You just put your number on it and a person holds it out for you as you approach the feed station! If you are using rice pud tape a plastic spoon to the top of the tub.

    The first 30 miles are not much harder than a tough marathon like the Potteries but you will still be tired even, as I did, if you do no more than 9 min./mile. The miles 30-40 are really tough as the end is nowhere in sight and you just want to rest/cry/give up. But by mile 40 you can see Ditchling Beacon and (if you've been eating rice pud) will start to pick up. It does hurt but no more than a marathon. I went to work the next day.

    It starts at 7am on Sunday morning of the 5th of October. You go on the first Bong of Big Ben on Westminster Bridge.

    I will definitely do this again next year. Its one of my all time great running moments.
  • IanIan ✭✭✭
    Oh, yes. I didn't use any pain killers as they upset my guts.
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    Ian, cheers for that. A book is currently inspiring me to do extremely long distances so it's shame this race wasnt in december or jan cos I'd prob go for it.

    Sounds damn painful to me. And amazed you went to work the next day, I'd be positively bedridden.

    You say you didnt take any pain-killers, but were you told not to take any, and did they provide any? I'm not sure what effects pain-killers would have on the body (apart from numbing the pain of course) for races of that distance. The thinning of blood from aspirin might have a negative effect of some sort....?
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  • JjJj ✭✭✭
    Even flippancy escapes me...
  • Daz, I don't know why you'd be worried about having to take painkillers. I've never taken any. I have heard that Ibruprofen interferes with kidney function which is relevant in a race when there's a lot of fluids want procassing. Benz can put me right on that one.
    I ran with Ian last L2B up to about 30 miles, and it was right on 9 minute mile pace. After 30 miles the hills are relentless.
  • Which kind of wrecks any sense of pace you might have had!

  • this one's on my list too daz....
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    ed, next year!(?)

    tim, i'd like to try taking some form of painkiller in my next marathon (dec 7). The numb pain I get in my legs really does put me off mentally in the latter stages. And anything over marathon distance would just finish me off.
    If I could suppress the pain to some degree I reckon I could keep the pace up. I say this because I always have a fair amount of energy left towards end of race.
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  • supressing the pain is all about mental preparation daz ;)

    not sure if L2B next year.. also interested in rory's marathon of britain
  • IanIan ✭✭✭

    If you fancy a long race in Dec/Jan you can get directory of distance races which is a joint publication of the Road Runners Club and the Trail Runners Association - its a list of off and on road races in excess of half marathon.

    Generally I would advise doing a 'short' ultra first - a 50k or the Dartmoor Discovery (32m) in June or the Two Bridges Race (36m) in August. I didn't but wished I had as I think I would have been better prepared mentally.

    I don't know too much about the pros and cons of pain killers during such events. I know runners who use them. The legendary George Kay used to swear by ibuprofen. Personally I find they do more harm than good. However, for niggles caused by overtraining I use ibuprofen gel which I find helps along with the standard RICE method for treating such things. I also find that gluosamine helps speed up the healing process.

    Tim is right, though, (and God knows he's done enough ultras!) its all about mental and physical preparation.
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    a short ultra? hehe
    i might take some ibuprofen on next long run and see what happens.
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  • on the marathon des sables this year- ibruprfen was part of the staple diet for all.

    especially as we all had additional swelling in the heat.

    A pain killer in the morning to get going and brofen at each checkpoint was what some described their regime to be.

    I wasnt that extreme, but on all long- marathon plus distances I have done I have used an anti inflammatory- ieht pill or gel. deep heat (or equivalent) as well.

    Anyone doing the Buxton High Peak 40 mile challenge in a couple of weeks?
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    what pain killers in the morning?

    cool, i think ill take some ibuprofen in dec - just for the last few miles.
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  • stuff like co-proximal (500mg paracetomal 10mg codeine)

    I had two surgeons in my tent- which was handy as they had prescitpion stuff- but the medics dished out painkillerd as well- however there was a limit you were allowed due to the rules and doping etc.

    most peole didnt really cae about this as getting to the end was most important.

    On some days it would take at least an hour of hobbling before the pain disspipated.

    I didnt suffer too badly but many did- but that what running a desert ultra is like! Survival by any means necessary.
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    co-proximal sounds nice :O)
    i bought some chromium today in H&B for a few quid. i hate going in there. i browse around and there are so many pills that sound appealing. you should see the state of my desk!
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  • the advantage of dislocating my shoulder is that I now have a good supply of prescription painkillers which will see me through a year's worth of ultras!

    i kniow what you mean about suppliments etc

    all I seem to do is eat food and cinsume pills I seem to have very little time at work to do anything else.

    its what I call recovery from training!
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    i bet when you run you sound like a box of tic-tacs
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  • i cover each one with some cotton wool to cunningly cover my tracks
  • London to Brighton still needs Marshalls. It may not be there to do next year! I belong to a cycling club I won't name it but its almost the biggest in the country, we have a rule 'If you want to qualify for club trophies then you must marshall or help at an event three times in the year'. A bit harsh some may say but there are selfish people out there who expect to do events and take it for granted that there will be marshalls and other assorted staff to run the event. The only way we could get that minority to put somthing back was by introducing such a drastic rule. It seems a shame that a race like L2B should die due to lack of marshall support but it looks that way!
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    An idea might be that every competitor MUST find a friend or family member to marshall the race when they take part in it. Would that work?
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  • Whatever way used to get marshalls should not have to resort to threats like the mentioned cycle club. In the end (and I'm not getting all 'an inspector calls' social concience nonsensey) we should all help each other when we can but only if we want to. there is nothing wrong if you don't want to and people who try to make you feel bad or guilty should stop. Asking for help for marshalling is just that, asking. there should be no pressure or threat. After all sport at whatever level of involvement should be enjoyable.
  • i have my own personal first-aider/marshal/pom-pom girl i take with me to all my races :)

  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    oh right, do imaginery friends count too?
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  • if you can get a free race entry by taking your imaginary friend daz.. go for it
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