End of the season approaching...!


What are your plans for the last few weeks of the season (I know it's hard to swallow!) ? Gis a list!

I now have just <sob> a few left :
himuk - 31 aug
sevenoaks - 17 aug
south shrop - 31 aug
chiswick dry tri 18 oct

managed to get my first disqualification at thames turbo yesterday for breaking t-lights on the bike. bit bloody annoying at time. I did have a good 30-40metres but its bloomin tricky trying to go from 26mph to 0 in 40metres, clipped into pedals and on tri-bars. but at least they took splits for me.


  • For me:

    5th Sept, "Enduroman" Chesil sea swim (8 miles)
    28th Sept, Ludlow Sprint tri

    Then running XC season starts!
  • 31st August - Teesdale Triathlon - 500/29/8
    14th September - North of tyne TRI - Sprint
  • Coming up in Sept:

    7 Aug Nike 10k (yawn)
    20 Aug TrailPlus Adventure Race (yay!)
  • chris, i see you have the same aug/sept confusion as me!
  • Daz - how can you do two races on the same day? I don't think even the WildOne would do that.
  • hi jj. was trying to do several things at once and got my dates mixed up. middle two should be:
    sevenoaks - 14 sept
    south shrop - 28 aug

    do you fancy one? think sevenoaks are still taking
  • You'll know what I mean

    I think.
  • :oP

    Though where's the south shrop - have to visit this week, might spectate!
  • its based in ludlow jj, do you know the town?
    its basically built on and around a hill, with a castle on top. the race takes place at the leaisure centre, about one mile north, down the road (corve street i think). i used to go to college here. very friendly place.

    will you come!? yay!
  • I LOVE LUDLOW! It's beautiful and unspoilt.

    I might be able to sort something...
  • Except it's 28th Sept, not Aug! Sort it out, Daz!
  • lol!

    He just doesn't want me there with me pom poms!
  • Daz- are u drunk at the minute? :o)
  • no but tired. got up at crack of dawn (ooer) yest.
  • Crack of dawn indeed.....young people today, no stamina!
  • I've put my name down for one more this season -
    28th Sept Cottenham.
    Now I've just got to get back to training for it!
  • Leybourne next Wednesday
    Southwater - 6th Sept
    Sevenoaks - 14th Sept

    I also entered the Nov 10K in Brighton but have just been reminded we have other commitments that day - doh!. I may have a go at the Chelmsford 10K the following week instead.

    So sad that my first seasons coming to an end already, looking forward to next year.
  • Got Derby and Bala Olympic(21st Sept). then I shall be looking for duathlons, cross country season looms and then the big push for sub 3 at London.
  • just booked brighton tri this weekend, thinking about brighton 10k in november, and be rude not to do the Wimbledon 10k in early October given it's so close to home.
  • My tri season is now over. I was going to do the Cottenham tri but it has just been cancelled. :-( They can't afford the insurance because it isn't a club run race and also the council have just put a set of traffic lights in the middle of the course.

    Back to road races...
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