Ironman 2004

Are you doing any Ironman or ironman distance races next year?

If so, which when and why?

I'm looking at
- The Longest Day in July - only UK IM dist race
- IM Florida in November - someone sujested it when i was drunk (plus time to recover from TLD



  • Me - two Deca Ironmans, back to back, every month..
  • sorry 'bout that Wildman - enthusiasm ran away with me there - I'll git me coat..
    (bows out with tail 'tween legs)
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    i enjoy speed to much so will stick mainly to sprints and the odd olympic. but will def do one - prob TLD if UK isnt increased
    Endurance Coach @
    Elite Ironman, Ultra Trail Runner
  • First goal is IM Lanzarote in May and then we'll see. Maybe UK if it goes full distance.
  • Still can't decide if I can dedicate the training hours for 2004 but I do want to give the full distance a go one year. Florida looks very tempting but isn't it difficult to get an entry?
  • I'm going to enter the day the entries becom available - the day after this years race
  • Good luck WW. I'm very tempted as a Nov race could fit nicely with my other commitments next year (family holidays etc). Are you going to wait till you get a place then worry about logistics, costs etc or do you have a rough idea already?
  • I have a rough idea - i've been looking at the costs of flights & fly drives for this year to give me an idea - and in november accomidation out there (even beach front) is cheep as chips

    Id probably go over for the week
  • Just checked and last year IM Florida sold out in 1 week

    (1800+ places)
  • Did you find any chaep fly/drive packages to Panama City? I had a quick surf but couldn't find any. I'd need to take the wife and 2 kids and a quick look on Expedia at 2003 prices brought the total to £2000-£2500 incl Flight/Hotel/Car.
  • Have you looked on
  • This is the madness thread:o)
  • Yep ;o)
  • Wild Will, I could be wrong (and often am) but there is a second Ironman in the UK. It's at Aberfeldy in Scotland. The cycle is a bit of a slog as it is up and down hills.

    You can read a report on it from one of the Tri clubs that took part at:

    I may give Aberfedly a go next year as I fancy a shot at a Half Ironman as a build up to the Full distance sometime in 2005.
  • I've been thinking about doing IM France. It's on my birthday so it must be my destiny.
  • Yeh i looked at france - but want to do 2 so its to close to the other
  • You know this forum is going bonkers, too many people talking about doing crazy distances:o)
  • Well, as some of you already know, I've opted for Quelle Challenge again here in Germany. The crowd support in Roth, near Nuernberg, is absolutely phenomenal and I've no chance of qualifying for Hawaii, so I've entered already for 4th July 2004. (Roth isn't a Hawaii qualifier any more because after 12 years of running the event the organisers refused any more to pay the outrageous money the Americans want for continued use of the name 'Ironman').
    This year's pro winner and runner-up are already contracted to compete in 2004.

    As to why - triathletes from all over the world go there again and again, because of the wonderful spectators. The crowds on the two biggest hills are unbelievable, and the finish arena has been nicknamed 'witches cauldron' because the atmosphere in it is red-hot.
  • Sounds like a fantastic event Ironswolf, best of luck. Is it the full Ironman distance?
  • Thank you, IW, for paying the spectators their (our) dues! :o)

    It can get jolly hot/cold/thirsty/justplainboringasyouwaitforyourwave out there sometimes.

    But you performers deserve so much respect that we do it for love! Ahhhhh.
  • Hilly - yep, all 226kms of it! But the worst for me is that 3.8km in the water, I'm not happy until that bit's over and I'm on my trusty bike.

    jj - I've done events with thousands of spectators, some with virtually none and I know which ones I prefer - spectators are marvellous. In Roth they stay put in the finish until after the fireworks at 22:00, I know, I've been on that side of the fence too. Which is why I fully understand about the waiting around. On IM events, whether you're competing or watching, the day starts around 3am and ends about midnight!
  • And the supporters out on the course at Roth are estimated at around 100,000!
  • roth is an excellent race and just goes to show that the'official'name means nothing. it is, after all the distance that matters. the uk half is supposed to be a full next year so that could be an option. longest day is another good race. it doesn't have the big race razzamatazz because it is a club run event. but it is an ideal first timers event and the atmosphere is good.
  • Anyone done IM France? What is it like?

    Hard/easy? Fast/slow? Fun?
  • Seriously considering doing IM New Zealand at Taupo, as a present to myself for all this years hard work in setting up our new company, only one problem not had enough time to do the training so I better get off my ass and get on with it.
  • Did IM France in 2002, and it was hard - not helped by the 35 degree temps.
    Bike course is V.hilly as is run - I think they "flattened it out" a little this year.
    Swim is brill - one lap in a beautiful crystal clear lake.
    Go for it!

  • Ironwolf. I've been thinking about doing Roth this year. I had heard the crowds were fantastic. How easy would it be to get from the UK to Roth
  • I'm doing TLD 2004, after doing it this year. And as I said to WW on another board, I want to do Florida, too. He copied me!

    Roth is another one I want to do. I wouldn't do Ironman Frankfurt if you paid for me. (Well, maybe then). Then IMs Canada, Austria, Australia and NZ. And Great Floridean. Ooh, ooh, and Cor d'Alene (sp), Lake Placid, Brazil. And Hawaii.

    That's my racing calendar figured out for the next decade, then.


    P.S. I logged on to the IM Florida website earlier this year, and filled in all the details, and had my credit card out, but chickened out at the last moment. It is possible to get into the race, but you have to be prompt; credit card online. Snail mail is right out.
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