calf problems

After training for the last year i have a problem with my calf muscles either cramping or they are becoming tender after running anything from 5 miles upwards i stretch for 5 minutes before a run and for about 10 munites after i have also tryed keeping my electrolyte levels up by drinking sports drinks but to no avail can anybody suggest anything else that i can try as i am out of ideas now.Any responses i would be grateful


  • I have the same problem, the first thing to seize up is my calfs and they cramp really easily, especially when Im swimming. I dont really know the answer except to concentrate on stretching your calves as much as possible. A stretch I do is - stand on the edge of a step or kerb with your toes on the step and your heels off, drop the heel of one foot down (supporting yourself with the other foot) and you should feel the stretch right down the back of the calf. To concentrate on the lower part of the calf bend the knee of the leg you are stretching then drop the heel.

    Hope these are of some help, I would be interested in what others have to say.
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