Jeez....did 11.46miles yesterday!!!

Well my hubby pushed me into it.  Said it was only a 10mile run....turned out to be 11.46!!!  Talk about pushing it!!  BUT I did it and to be honest I am so glad I did!  I would never have taken the plunge to go that far if he hadn't pushed me.  The most I have run is 8.5miles a few weeks ago and to be honest, Ive been abit crap since...only doing 10Ks at the most.  So it was a massive step up for me. 

I won't lie, I did walk a few times but I never wanted to bail out and give up.  I just kept going and did it in bang on 2 hours. 

I did learn alot about it though.  I need to sort out my nutrition.  I didn't eat anything substantial enough the night before and only ate half a banana in the morning as we set off at 7am.

Hope everyone else is doing well with their marathon training for Oct!



  • tricialitttricialitt ✭✭✭

    Well done............but , a word of caution, don't push through the distances too quickly and end up damaged- allow yourself to drop back mileage- wise every 3 weeks or so, and try to limit the total increase to about 10% perweek.

    Good luck!

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