Cyclocross bikes for women

A female friend of mine is looking for her first cyclocross bike. I have a bike for getting to work and know what a cyclocross bike is but I have no direct experience of either being a woman or cyclocross

So your help ladies please. Sites to look at. Good reliable makes.Stuff the blokes dont think about.

Lets put the price range from £500-£1000


  • I have a Specialized Tri Cross and am more than happy with it

  • Got one of those too. Serves as my commuting and winter training bike.  I've even been off road on it a couple of times which was quite exciting image

  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    Really depends why she wants it - some cross bikes are more dedicated cyclo-cross racing machines, others are more designed as winter/commuting machines which can also tackle cross racing.    

  • Quite correct  Popsider. I think she wants it more as a winter/commuting/riding around bike. Shes just has old second/third/fourth hand racers that rattle along. I have been saying for ages she should get a proper new bike as she does like to cycle and we often go round Richmond park. She has even managed to get up Sawyers Hill and beat some of the guys on top of the range bikes. Her current bike only has 3 gears too. No I dont know how she does it.

  • A vote for the Scott cyclocross bikes here. image 



  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    If all she wants is a road bike with mudguards that opens the choice up loads and she could probably get something lighter than a cross bike for the same money - if she actually wants to do cross on it too of course then yeah Specialized Tricross is probably a safe bet though I've heard more than a couple of people complain about brake judder with them - cantilevers are always a bit more faff than normal caliper brakes too imo.     

  • Looks like shes going for a Trek. Part of their Women Specific Design

    Not specifically a cyclocross but a good all round road bike.


  • No shes eyeing up this 

    she'll kill her self.

    Its not for the shopping she says.

    Atta girl!

  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    Very nice - it always happens - they start off looking for something practical and end up lusting after something a bit sexier.  No mudguard eyes, above budget - the perfect winter/commuting/riding around bikeimage

  • Shes decided on a Trek and is off to posh bike shop to get herself measured this week.

    Can you believe she found these posts while Googling "women specific bikes"?image





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