Could the weather be affecting my running?

Hi, sorry for the long post but I am hoping for some advice. I started running in January and did a 10k in the middle of May. I felt amazing after it and decided to work on speed next. ??Unfortunately I had a two week long break from running (but did martial arts activities that were pretty tough) and expected my first run back to be a little difficult.

In actuality it was really, really hard and despite running five times since then it's not got any easier. I've gone from regularly running 5/6 miles to struggling to do 2 miles without stopping and am really, really struggling to keep going at all past 3.5 miles. I'm getting stitches, im really struggling to breathe and my legs feel heavy. So my question is: could that be the result of the two week break? Seems unlikely....?

Or could it be down to the change in weather? I live near Glasgow and until the third week in May I don't think the temp went over 5 degrees and much of my running was done in the rain and wind (including my 10k). The average temp now is around 14 degrees which I know isn't high but it is a lot higher than I'm used to. Could it be this? Or should I be looking elsewhere? Was the 10k experience just so good that I've forgotten how hard it was before then? Any advice would be very much appreciated. Am feeling very de-motivated and annoyed at myself - although I will keep running!


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    I don't think it is hot enough to affect you yet - this is the perfect running temperature for me. You might be trying to run too fast though. ON your next run, try to go slow, so that you could have a conversation if there was someone with you

  • Hi, sorry for late reply! I thought I had signed I to get an alert when someone replied to me. Unfortunately I'm not actually going any faster now than before the 10k so I'm not sure that's it. Although I think I may be starting a bit faster than before. I'll go slower and see if that helps.

    Thanks for replying
  • Do you go on a treadmill ? if you do set it at a really easy pace for yourself and just run for a set time 20/30 minutes it could be the road work and the endless up and down off kerbs,avoiding pedestrains etc...just to get your confidence back and then go back out for an outdoor run.

    The martial arts (I used to do Kickboxing) can also be a strain on your legs a long shot but maybe worth just doing upper body fighting for now...

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