Whats the deal with compression socks?

So whats the deal with compression socks? I was planning on wearing them whilst i was running because obviously if paula wore them they will make me faster!image or would they be better after the run?

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  • From what I understand, compression wear of any type is good for helping with the speed of recovery. Once you've over-used your muscles when exercising and they hurt, the begin to swell ever so slightly. The reason they hurt and are slightly inflammed is because when exercising, you cause lots of tiny micro-tears which then heal and this is how your muscles become stronger. If your muscles are inflammed they take longer to recover mainly because cirulation is a key part to recovery and if your body is all inflammed this reduces the circulation and means a longer recovery time.


    For many, compression socks aren't going to do an awful lot, they may help with the inflammation brought on by heat but many don't have runs which push you harder then the run before on a daily basis and so recovery at top-speed isn't so important. Many more will take a rest day and recover then.


    I also wonder if socks really do very much at all by themselves. Maybe if your feet have an injury on your foot or ankle which keeps recurring but otherwise, surely its your quads and your calves which takes the rap for your running, not just your feet! I wouldn't think compression wear would do too much if you don't have an injury, don't get me wrong, I had a stress fracture on my tibia (inner calf) and compression on my leg during the day (off at night) but I wouldn't expect it to do anything at all if I didn't have an injury.


     The human body was created hundreds of thousands of years ago, we didn't need compression for getting about whilst running then and we survived and thrived so I can't see it as an essential for today. If it aint broke, don't fix it. If your not sure if its broke or not, its not!

  • ok haha thanks very much image

  • They make you look like a schoolgirl. As such you have to run faster so as not to be recognised.
  • Hundred of thousands of years ago the death rate was thought to be in the early 20's but now since compression socks it is more likely to be in the 80's. Reversing the argument would seem to make compresion sock wearers live 4 times longer.
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    Methuselah lived to the ripe old age of 969. Disgarding the fad of white compression socks, he went for a pair of calf guards in a sporting black. Not sure how effective they were, and there is no mention of him on the Power of 10
  • I thought the reason for wearing them while running was two fold: compression to help vein performance, and to minimise vibration of the muscle. Jennn's answer applies to compression for recovery wear after running.
  • She was doing fine until she went a bit silly on the last paragraph.
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    nlr..i just like my knee socks coz they are cuteimage

  • Methuselah probably lived for 969 months ... No junk food, tv, sofa, car, snacks, etc. but probably plenty of everyday cardio work
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    I think the jury is out on the benefits, but in my personal opinion I think they look a bit odd.

  • I probably look odd anyway - so giving them a try would only be about muscular/skeletal benefit ... or should that be muscular/tendonal/skeletal?
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