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I'm doing ironman Regensburg on Sunday. Training has gone well, flights booked, hotel sorted. Tidy. I'm in my first year of triathlon, decided on a whim to upgrade to a TT 6 Weeks ago having never ridden one before. Anyway, i'm used to it, all is tickety boo except that its got tubs instead of clinchers and i've never even attempted to change a tub before. So, do I practice changing it at home although that obviously means ungluing the current one and then having to get it glued on again, and also risks massively stressing self out over the whole thing. Out shall I just take a spare on race day as a precaution and pray to God that I don't get a flat? Thoughts? Anyone else been in the same boat?


  • Should prob also say, not trying to qualify for Kona but would like to finish.
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    I could suggest, what the feck were you doing buying tubs so close to an event having never used them before but I won't....image

    I'd just risk it at this stage - from those I know who did IMR last year, the roads were in good nick so you might be OK.   but don't take my word for that!!

  • I was in the exact same boat for Ironman Regensburg last year. I got someone else to show me on their wheels how to change them so I knew in theory how to change them. I changed my tires shortly before the race but I got the bike shop to do it and I took one of the older ones they had taken off and carried it as a spare as it already has glue on it so I don't need to mess around with too much stuff on the day. Thankfully, I'd no punctures but the person who showed me how to change the tyre, got two! Best of Luck, I'm off to Austria this year but I wish I was going to Outlaw with the pirates!

  • Muppet !

    Who put the tyres on ? Did they use glue or tub tape ? If glue - then just take a spare tub and the glue on the rim will hold it.  If tape - then take some tape with a spare tyre. It will take a while, but you'll be able to finish the bike.  Maybe look on youtube for the methodology for the tub tape. 

    TBH - you should be fine. The roads were lovely even when wet. Not like Frankfurt and my 3 or 4 flats. image


  • Leave the current ones on now.  Get some Vittoria Pitstop, use some on each tub to try & stop flats, carry another can with you in case that doesn't work.  Unless you've got a pre-stretched spare I wouldn't bother with one, just risk it.

  • Did you buy the bike locally? If so perhaps the bike could do a little demo, so at least you'd have an idea what to do if the worst happens on Sunday ...?

    Good luck, by the way

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    +1 what Dave said would be my choice.    

    If you want to you could always take a spare tub though - as mentioned above one with some glue on it already - so long as you are able to rip the old one off you will be able to get the new one on - even a complete novice wouldn't take more than 5 minutes to do it it's literally just a case of centering it on the rim and then don't corner too hard as it's not properly stuck on - but make sure the valve is long enough as otherwise you wont be able to pump it up ! 

  • This is all extremely helpful, so thanks. I noticed though that you can't take Vittoria pitstop on planes... Do you think I'll be able to buy it in Regensburg?

    The other thing i'm thinking is to take it to my local friendly bike shop with a spare tub, get them to show me how to change it, and then get them to glue on a new one for me, then I can take the old one as a spare on the day which will presumably be pre glued and pre stretched. Then in the event of a flat, I should be able to sort it myself....?

    Oh and thanks everyone for ratifying that I am indeed a Muppet and probably shouldn't be allowed to take bike based decisions on my own...image
  • Take youre pitstop and put it in your hold luggage, it'll be ok there.

  • Changing to a pre-stretched/glued tub isnt that hard, just needs a good bit of manhandling to get the old one off and the new one on.  It takes a few changes to understand they you really need to use a bit of brute force conpared to clincher tyres.

    Get your LBS or the bike service area at Regensburg to put you a new one on and give you some advice about changing on race day (maybe watch them change the tub).  At least take a spare, there will be a on course mechanic/other rider that can help you if worst comes to worst.

    Also take the pitstop and use it if you need to.

    Aside from this, practice when you can so youre ready before your next race.

  • Good call BB, ok will take pitstop with me and a spare and hopefully the bike service people will take pity on me....

    Other than that, I did actually ride the bike course a few Weeks ago and the roads were in lovely condition.... This is coming from the girl who got two punctures in Barcelona olympic and had to retire... I clearly don't learn...
  • The chances of a puncture are low, dont worry about it until it happens. 

    If something does happen use the pitstop first, dont forget to follow the instuctions (whether to shake or not etc), for the sake of taking a spare tub in case the pitstop doesnt work (in my experience its not very reliable) then its a no brainer. 

    When your LBS/Regensburg bike mechanics replace one of your existing tubs ask them to leave a 3 inch glue/tape free gap either side of the valve, this is where youll insert your tyre lever when you remove it.  As you start to wrench a tub from a rim you have to work at the glue along both sides of the rim with another tyre lever, after a while you just need to wrench and wrench at it by pulling the thing off.

    Putting a new tub on is like putting a tyre on, but with more of a rolling action, you need to use more force and really heave the last bit on with tyre levers.  It can almost seem like its impossible to get the last bit on but you need to force it with tyre levers.

    All the above may sound a bit daunting but if you remain calm its quite realistic to be up and running again in 10 minutes. 

  • Hi, just wanted to say thanks for the help everyone. In the end, I got the bike support people to show me how to change a tub the day before the race whilst I was racking my bike (its really not that hard) and I also took a can of pitstop with me.

    Didn't need either on the day as no punctures thank God! Did the bike in 6 hours 45 and absolutely loved it - can't recommend the planet x exocet 2 highly enough. The swim was lovely, support was amazing, run was horrendous in 28 degrees but I did it. So thanks everyone and if you're thinking about ironman, do Regensburg, its brilliant.
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    La petite rosbif wrote (see)
    So thanks everyone and if you're thinking about ironman, do Regensburg, its brilliant.

    well done PR - and loads off this forum did Regensburg last year so it's not high priority for lots at the mo as a result

  • good going! well done! 

  • Well done roastbeef! Now while its quiet get those tubs on and off a few times

    Oh and use tape not glue its a doddle with practice quicker than clinchers i learnt off this
  • Cool, thanks for the link, I will def check it out image

    Its funny, a year ago, I'd never been on a road bike, never ridden more than 20k in one go, never run more than a half marathon and I couldn't swim (arguably still can't really, Hehe) how times have changed.
  • In that case. Very well done with brass knobs on image impressive
  • Blimey - thats outstanding performance. Well done indeed. 

  • Thanks Cougie and Ridgeback image I didn't do a particularly fast time - 13 hours 20 - but I was still dead pleased. I'm already thinking about next year.... I think I might have a 12:30 in me.... image
  • Brilliant stuff. Congratulations. Next year you need to join the pirate race. It's unforgetable and I mean that in the best possible way!

  • I do fancy it actually. Is next years race decided on?
  • Lanza as the foreign expedition,

    Challenge henley as the late season uk option
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