I'm someone who likes to chat. Not constant inane chatter, but I do like talking to people - about important things, nonsense, general chit chat... voicing your opinion, sharing worries, being intimate, making plans... 

Other people seem happy not to talk, quite content with silence. 

So do you like talking? How important is it to be able to communicate/share things verablly with others? 


  • oiyouoiyou ✭✭✭

    I'm happy being one of the quiet ones - happy to chat if someone wants to, but I'll mostly just listen and chip in occassionally, esp in a group.

    Much prefer face to face chat - as my rate of posting on here will testify.

  • Depends who I'm with and how much I'm engaged with what's being discussed.

    If it's with work colleagues and the like I'm very quiet - I'm not going to get into inane conversations about reality TV - but put me with a group of like minded people and you can't shut me up.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I do tend to talk quite a lot... .but I like to talk to people, see what makes them tick and be friendly. I never used to be like that though - I used to be very shy

  • I love meeting new people and if there is someone at a party that I don't know then I will make a point of introducing myself.

    I am happy with silence when with close friends, but otherwise I prefer to talk

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    I am not a good listener, I get bored.
  • "Quit your jibber jabber"

    B. A. Baracus 1983-1987

  • I prefer to listen.

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭


  • i talk way too much.........but am much better than when I was younger........starting to enjoy times of silence...........maybe by the time I'm 80 I would have reached the right normal spot.........

    my husband is a lot quieter.........good jobimage

  • For me, it depends on the subject matter.  Talk about latest reality TV, make up, handbags etc and I switch off.  Talk about a mutual interest and you have my attention

    Someone I know just talks and talks.  It's almost as if there cannot be silence.  I can tolerate it up to a point then I have to tell him to shut the feck up.  He also has a habit of interupting me (and others) when they are telling an anecdote to give his experiences.  He wasn't aware he did it until I pointed it out.  He is getting better at not doing it

    I am better at talking in a small group of people.  A large group of people tend to overwhelm me and I withdraw

  • schmunkee..if you hadn't used the word He I would have thought you are talking about me.......very similar.........age is making me better now I'm aware of it but still pretty crapimage

  • Seren - it depends what he is talking about.  We were out driving last weekend and he had to mention the cows in the field, the farmer's tractor, every single little thing he saw from the car. Completely inane, in my opinion. I was tired so it drove me absolutely nuts at the time.

    But he is great at get togethers because he has a load of amusing anecdotes and is happy to talk whereas I shrink to the background.

    He just has to remember not to interupt and take over when others are telling a story and like I said, he is getting better at it

  • Like several others I like talking but not just for the sake of it, I can think of several people I know who feel they need to fill every second with talk no matter how pointless.  They actually seem uncomfortable with silence.

  • There seem to be people who like to be entertained, and people who like to have an audience, nothing wrong with either of those necessarily

    but yeah there are also those who seem afraid of silence

  • My OH and I decided last week that if his mum, our neighbour opposite and my auntie were ever in a room together there would be so much talking there would be  no conversation left for anyone else in the world image

  • I tallk too much. Love to meet new people and have a gab, find common interests etc but better in a small group - large amounts of folks all together make me switch off and withdraw.


    I am like the poor bloke talked about above - trying very hard to calm it down and listen more - think I am getting better.  I notice is a lot in others now when I didn't used to as I was too busy doing the same back.



  • I have an uncle who is one of those people who never stops talking - it's incessant, about anything and everything, and no matter what the subject you can be absolutely certain that he is an expert or that the same thing happened to him, but it was much worse, or much more elaborate, or far, far more interesting/exciting/sad/dramatic. Being with him for an extended period of time is enough to make me want to be a hermit image

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