Malvern Half-Marathon


 Anyone doing doing the Malvern half on 24th June?



  • ringo100ringo100 ✭✭✭

    I am in DunkyD. I ran this in 2009/10 lovely course(except hill on mile 11). Well organised and good fun.

  • I am too, this year we have a new course, might be flatter than the previous one, but to me what really almost killed me last year was the strong head winds in the second half.

  • Hey guys,

    First time for me but I know the area quite well so should be a good un.

    I'm making Mrs D run the 5K too (evil laugh).

    Lets hope the weather clears up a bit then - stong winds forecast for the rest of this week!

    Good luck and enjoy,


  • First time running this half marathon (my 5th half overall). Signed my wife up for the 5k as well.

    This is my first "smaller" half marathon but looking at last years results, and my estimate of 2 hours dead, I'll still have plenty of people around me. Just looking to enjoy it and not really pushing for PB, although my second sub 2 hour half would be very welcome.

  • Hi Ledgend777

    I've roped my brother-in-law in to the 5k too now so it's a family affiar. Good luck for a sub 2. I'm aiming for a good clear of my PB as I'm in better condition now than my last half but aslong as it's enjoyable who cares eh?

    The wind's supposed to have died down by Sunday so hopefully the conditions aren't too bad.

    Have fun


  • My first 'smaller' race too (no offence intended). Travelling up early from South Wales.
    Training hasn't gone as well as I hoped. A couple of chest infections have wiped me out in the last 3 months.
    No chance of me going sub 2:00.
    Just hoping that the weather calms down a bit to be honest.

    Good luck everyone.

  • Good luck to everyone doing Malvern tomorrow. I did this last year and despite the headwind in the last 3 miles, I still hold my PB there (1.40.28). I'm really looking forward to it and looking to knock 3 mins off. Fingers crossed!
  • ringo100ringo100 ✭✭✭
    Looks like ok weather until about 12. Good luck everyone
  • Good luck to all tomorrow, fingers crossed for good running weather tomo
  • Well done all. The weather wasn't too bad in the end. Bit of a headwind in the last few miles but not as bad as it could have been!

    I got inside 1:45 with 14 seconds to spare - PB woop woop!


  • Hi Legend & Dunky


    Really good of you introducing familly and friends to running, small races best for beginners. Good easy 5 Mile race 19th August at the Hilton Puckrup Hall Tewksbury to increase their runs from 5K to 5 mile


  • New PB for me! 1:49:14 - can't believe it. I honestly thought I wouldn't get anywhere near my 1:53:54 from earlier this year. Enjoyed the course and would consider doing it again (although not local for me).

  • Thanks for the heads up on the Puckrup run Rocket, will get them on it!

    Well done ledgend777 - thats almost 5 mins off!


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