Athens Marathon - entry


Does anyone have any advice on entering the Athens Marathon in Nov?

Ideally I'd rather not go through a tour company and organise my own transport/entry but is a tour the only way to do it?

The official marathon website has no contact details or link to registrations on the English version - and the rest is very much all Greek to me!




  • I registered on the official site over a month ago. I was waiting for them to have online payment instead of paying in directly to a bank account. so I have registered but not paid.

    Link to registration form in English.

    Hope this helps.

  • Fantastic, thank you!

  • Has anyone managed to actually pay online for the Athens Classic Marathon yet? I have a registration number, but the site still says 'payment by credit card coming soon'. How soon? Once the Drachma is reintroduced?

  • I'm waiting for online payment too

  • i managed to register back in march when entry opened ,still unable to make paynent by card ,had numerous emails most recent  one  yesterday from tota who is the customer services manager for the marathon and he assures me everything is fine and if they havent managed to sort out card payments in time i can pay when i arrive on the 9th november before i collect my bib and number ,sounds different but thats greece for u  , the alternative is sending the money by wiring it to their bank which im a bit unsure about

  • anybody training for the athens marathon ,know its going to be tough and could do with some training advice

  • We paid by bank transfer a few months ago which was pretty straightforward.

    I am on the fourth week of a training plan from Runners World which I have used three times before and so far I have always exceeded the target times but they are hard work!

    Not sure if I have done a marathon as undulating as this one though so I am expecting the worst. I am doing Snowdon marathon on October 17th which was booked before Athens so I a now using this as a long training run!!!


  • Training plans which may help you;

    I have tred the ultimate sub 3:45, sub 3:30, sub 3:15 and they all worked for me but like I said in the last post they are hard work but it proves that you get out what you put in.

    Yes I am now trying the sub 3:00 but really not bothered about a great time in Athens it is more so that my body gets used to this plan ready for London next year.

  • Roger the Snowdon marathon is on the 27th Oct.

  • Thanks Roy, I was looking at a calender when I put the incorrect date too!

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