Inexperienced but full of energy

I have just started running so far i have done three runs a 2 mile, and two 3miles achilles are bit tight after the last one. The only experience i have is some cross country running as a teenager. My Pace at the mo is 9:30 min miles, tho i think i need to slow this down to avoid pending exhaustion!

My mother inlaw a hardened half marathon runner has convinced me to sign up to a half marathon in 16 weeks time, so thats the goal and i need to lose some weight. My husband/daddy belly has been steadily overtaking my mid region!

If anyone has any advice i would love to here it, or just join me for thr ride.


  • Back again today i did a three miler, then due to do another tomorrow. Was a bit eager today and set off at a 8:30 pace a minute quicker than normal, got to two miles and was definitely feeling the effects especially as i tried a new route and the last mile was up hill (killer).

    I have been doing some research and am looking for some new trainers, i have some newbalance ones at the mo i have had them for ages and are serverly abused. I want some thing light, any suggestions?

  • go to sweatshop etc for a GAIT  - best thing Iv done

  • Thanks I will have a look.

    Just finished a slow 2 miles my calves were sore after my last run, so tried warming up a bit more today and just take it easy.
  • Hi Finchy, I'd suggest you build it up slowly and listen to your body.  Rest days are important too; when I first started two runs a week were the norm, then three, then four, and now I try to run five times a week; but it took me about a year to build upto it (though my base fitness was much poorer than yours since I was a heavy smoker).

    Try some off road running too; it's easier on the joints.  And make sure you do a thorough cool down and stretch, it'll help prevent injury.

    Which half marathon are you doing?

  • Thanks i am disciplining myself to stretch afterwards. There is just a local half marathon where i live in derry NI, but also there is one called the mooathon which i would love to do but its a bit hilly so we will see. 

    I think i am getting a bit addicted i find myself itching to get out and do something on my rest days.

  • That's a lovely part of the country, Finchy, I love the North Antrim coast.

  • Yeah when the rain eases up it's beautiful.
  • Hey anyone reading.

    Today it was pishing it down, got soaked through seriously need to invest in some kind of jacket, especially considering it rains alot here. I don't know whether it was because i wanted to get back to my cosy home as quick as possible or the rain refreshed me, but i did 4.5 miles at 8:44 m/m quicker than i planned. 

  • We've just had that weather arrive over here, Finchy (South East Wales); I got my run out of the way earlier; it was rainy, but now it's torrential and Mrs Easy is 'Flippin' Elling' it 'cos she want to go for hers.

    I did my long run, a bit over 8 miles in 1hr 26 mins, slow but about four miles of that was off road on muddy tracks and a fair bit of incline too.

    Mrs Easy is a good runner, so we rarely run together; she's just too quick and fit.

  • Hi Finchy, well done on the running. Are you using a training programme? if not you could take a look at the half mara training plans under training up there ^^ and see if there is one you fancy following. They will give some structure to your build up in relation to distances and speed. Good luck image
  • Hey B, yeah i have found a training plan which consists of 4 runs in the week mon, tues,thurs and sat 2 small runs a medium run the the bigger run on the saturday. So next saturday will be a 5 miler.It doesn't address speed just distance, should i be looking at slowing down certain runs or running them all at the same pace?

    Yeah Mrs Finchy would have been fitter than me too not a runner but trampolining, tho she has a bun in the oven at the moment so not too much exercise for her. 

  • I am no expert, but most plans have you running at a slow/easy pace for most of your runs. The long run, or lsr (long slow run) is usually very easy pace and builds up gradually in length as the weeks pass. One or two times a week, depending on how many runs the plan may have some faster stuff, but if you are starting from scratch then the focus should be buidling up gradually with easy miles, you shouldn't feel puffed or as if your heart is pumping hard, you should be able to hold a conversation. Most people start off too fast and therefore find it harder then it needs to be.
  • Yeah i found that the first few runs i did i definately went too quick. Though i have tried to regulate it out so i am running a steady a pace, i have toyed with the idea of a heart rate monitor not sure tho. 

  • I ran this morning 3 miles, it was a hard 3 miles tho, think it must have been something to do with me not eating a proper dinner last night. I was knackered 2 miles in and i was going a slow pace. I am waiting for my HRM to be delivered really looking forward to using it, interesting to see what pace i run at a good HR. 

  • Hey all, 

    Did 4 miles today at 9:20 m/m pace had to will my legs to work every step of the way today, my training plan is 4 days a week but i am thinking of cutting it down to 3 runs a week, just feeling like im not recovering before my next run, thoughts anyone?

    Still waiting on my Polar FT7 to arrive getting itchy for it now! 

    Looking forward to the game tonight. 

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