All I want is some Asics!

LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
What's going on in the UK at the moment? I live in Iceland; we can get a reasonable selection of running kit here but not a wide choice ... so I emailed a couple of the stores who advertise in Runner's World to see if they would sell me a pair of Asics 1070s - women's fit, asking how much they would charge to ship a pair of them to Iceland.

And what has the response been?


Is there such a boom in the UK at the moment that sports shoe retailers don't need an extra sale (especially when it means filling out a customs forms)? Is it just poor customer service?

Or, does anyone know of a running kit retailer which is happy to ship outside the EC?

Sorry - late night rant - but I'm desparate (and unable to spell!)
My Asics are worn through and my knees are hurting - I can't carry on!


  • try

    best running supplier in the damn world! and I don't work for them like most of the propaganda throwing bastards that clog these forums plugging their crap like Del Boy!
  • Thanks!

    Their US site has some of the shoes I want for $69 - about £46. So lets see if they answer my email....

    I have to pay import duty of around 25% on anything that I have shipped into the country, so cheap is good!

    I can only get men's Asics 1070's here - they cost about £100!
  • LizzyB - good luck with getting your shoes. If you still get no response, I would be willing to order them to my UK address and post them on to you, if that would help. Drop me an e-mail if you want to give that a try.

    BenD - do you want to name names? I'm on the forum most days, and don't feel there is much in the way of "propaganda" or "plugs". I can only remember one person saying they worked for a manufacturer and he was quite open about it.
  • Thanks Nessie; that's so good of you. I'm actually quite touched! I'll see what response I get from the Americans first ....
  • is this the same Ben D who was happy to use the forum to sell his Timex SDM?
  • Could also try - I have used them fairly religiously for shoes (mine and Mrs S) - their information section says they'll ship abroad so you may be in luck.
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