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Chia seeds are great with some agave nectar and the juice of a lime - trick is not to make 'em too thick and mix them the night before so they've got time to soak up the water. I've never had a stitch when using chia seeds...


  • I've recently made a sort of halva. Use a food processor to grind and mix up sesame seeds, tahini and agarve nectar. Trust me it's delicious.
  • I've used chia seeds before when doing various marathons and fell runs, can't emphasise enough the benefits I've found using them 
  • where do i get chia seeds from ? TIA


  • There's a lot of myths around agave nectar out there. Linky thing

  • Alison - you can get chia seeds from Holland & Barrett

  • ok, thanks. pursuedbyangrybees



  • I leave chia seeds to soak in water (stir first though) and if in an air tight container in the fridge they last for a week. I add them to my cereal most mornings. Alison - I buy my chia seeds from  because they are cheaper there than in H&B! There may be other wholefood shops in your area that sell them so have a hunt.  is a good source of recipes for chia seeds - I make sort of flapjack with dates; chia seeds; agave nectar; etc and find them useful on long runs rather than energy gels etc.

  • Replying to  very old post of yours about chia seeds ... is it essential to soak them before adding to cereal etc? Or can they be sprinkled on? Thanks.

  • I used to soak mine and add the gel to my porridge and honey every morning, but now I just sprinkle a spoon on and mix it in. If you use them dry, they will still absorb liquid from what ever you put them in, including your stomach, so extra fluid either in the porridge or as a drink is useful. They take up 6-7 times their volume in liquid over 20-30 mins.

    My partner gets them in a local health food shop, but only pays £2.67 per 250g, some places do charge the earth for them! seen them double that price before image

    We also sprinkle them on veg roasts and pretty much everything we cook now! Well, ok, Roni does, not so much we ...

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