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Just bought a Garmin 410 which has a heart rate monitor and used it for the first time tonight. I started it just as I started running and did 4 miles  when I came to look at the analysis afterwards was shocked to see my starting heart rate was 108! It got up to around 173 maximum whilst running but when I was walking at the end to cool down the lowest it got was 107 is this normal? I am 30 years old and although I have only started running recently I have taken reguar exercise for years (combination of kick boxing and aerobic activities).


  • this does seem a little high. what weight are you? do you have any underlying health problems. if reasonable weight and healthy, it does sound  a tad high. but mine has been 90 ish.

  • Rachel,

    To determine your resting heart rate, measure it first thing in the morning when you wake up. Do this before getting up, dashing to the loo or grabbing a cup of coffee.

    Do this on 3 separate occassions and take the lowest reading. This will give you a reasonable reading. It can be affected by illness, stress etc, so take this into account.

    Your resting heart rate will generally fall as your athletic ability improves your aerobic Capacity

    You are normal! Enjoy the garmin
  • I weigh in at just under 10 stone and am 5 foot 7 so pretty much spot on for my BMI. 

    I will have a go at measuring it in the morning and seeing how this compares and I did just finishing getting over a cold last week so this might be having an effect.

    Thanks for the advice

  • Why shocked ? Sounds about right to me.

    A lot of people will have a resting heart rate of 60-80 - but that's rest - not walking or recovering from a run.

    As mentioned above - resting heart rate is done first thing in the

    Morning in bed.
  • 108 isn't that high just before you start, especially if you are nervous, which if you haven't done much running is to be expected. Equally, the first time I wore a HRM it felt really weird which would contribute.

    My HR is often 90+ just before a run (and 120 just before a race!), resting is normally sub-60.

    Also, as Also-ran says if not feeling 100% you can add a beat, often ~10bpm.

  • Sounds normal to me too, in fact mine was 100 as I walked home after a run last night.
  • I would see what your resting heart rate is.  If it's near 100, THEN you might want to investigate further.  Mine is low 50s, but I would want to see it under 70 BPM at worst.

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    My resting hr is in the low 40s. When I switch the hrm on to leave the house for a run it usually shows in the upper 40s to mid 50s initially, rising to mid-60s as I move around. I start off with a gentle half-mile jog, and it rises to about 120. If I do a tempo run I usually end it somewhere in the mid 150s, and when I finish that it quickly drops to mid-90s and then takes a while longer to tail off.

    I'm a 52-year-old male with normal bmi, so your stats seem okay to me.

  • Doesn't sound that high, it could be high if your used to it being lower but if you've just ran 4 miles, its probably going to take your body a bit of time to adjust and slow down. Were you looking at your heart rate within the first few minutes after running or the first few hours?


    If you run frequently then your heart rate will naturally decline the fitter you become, the more your body gets used to what your doing and if you push yourself further each time its going to mean your body is working harder and your heart rate will be higher. Its either a sign your body is working very hard or your fitness level is changing.

    I'm 31, I get about 70-80 when I stop after the initial 2-3 minutes then settles to around 60 when standing, 50 when sitting. Before I start its normally between 60-70 if thats any help and I'm not training for improvement at the moment, just to maintain the status quo because I end up getting injuries if I do more then X amount!

  • In Turkey, 31 has a special meaning
  • My resting heart rate is 55 or so but it rises very quickly to 90+ when I'm walking around...

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