First Triathlon - where do I start

I have been regularly running for around 8 months, am regularly running around 20 -25 miles per week average 9.20-9.30 min/miles, working towards a half marathon in September. I can swim 1.5k in around 30 mins but have never done open water swimming and am wanting to have a go at a Triathlon. I am about to buy a new bike (having not been on one since Uni - but used to be on my bike all the time - so whilst out of practice am a confident cyclist) - Questions? what bike do I buy - not to expensive and probably used for family life as well and are my running and swimming times reasonable? whats thebest one to try first - I live in the West Midlands? Thanks


  • Ellie,

    I'd take a look on e-bay and see if you get a bargin first. There are normally some good stuff on there as tri type's and consantly sell there old bike to buy a new one. Big question is how much do you want to spend? If your just starting out I'm tempted to surgest buying a second hand and cheap bike for £50 or some that's safe and works and just try a spint tri before buying an expencive bike.

    Also most sprint tri's out there that are pool based, so when starting out you don't need to worry about oper water swimming just yet.

  • With those running and swim times your not going to be last.Ditto what Cake has said re bike, a lot depends on how much you want to spend, the Giant Defy comes top in just about all reviews of starter bikes.

  • Thanks both - I have to say that is one of my fears is of looking like a total imposter! I haven't got a clue about transitions and what to wear etc but just want to finish however long it takes. I will investigate bikes on ebay. I'm used to mountain bikes with suspension and my husband is concerned I will really notice the lack of with a hybrid which was what I was thinking of getting as it woudl do for very amatuer tri's and family cycling too.


  • Ellie I wouldn't worry about being an inposter you havn't meet some of us yet. image

    For transition and what to wear you will be fine with a normal swim suit and just stick on bike/run shorts above. Top tip through make sure you stick a t-shirt on before you try and put your helmet on. Oh and don't touch your bike ontil you have your helmet on. Some do's and don't on here you might find useful.


  • Thanks! Any ideas on a good first sprint tri to go for in the West Midlands?

  • cake- fantastic article, all the kind of questions I wanted to ask - i.e. sports bras! is it ok to be on a mountain bike (which I have but is old and my hubby was going to have as I have a new one!). Searching round tonight for a tri to register for and just go for it!

  • Done it - entered a sprint trial at the end of July!!! How excited am I!!!

  • image Which one kid? Depending where you might be meeting some of the crew soon. A mountain biek will be fine and depending on the race you might find more mountain bikes there than posh bikes.

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