Narrow heals

Fancy getting back into running after a few years absence but I need a shoe that is suitable for narrow heals (no motion control needed and I have a normal foot). I don't fancy going through the endless taping-up ceremony every time I go out, which I used to have to do with my old Jazz 5000's. Any ideas would be most appreciated. Thanks.


  • My heels are fairly narrow with broad around the toes so i end up in men's shoes.
    Have you tried doing your laces up with a loop round the top two holes to tighten up the heel a bit more? I usually have to buy some longer length laces, but it does the job.
    Lace the shoes normally until the last hole. Instead of crossing the laces from side to side, put them down the hole on the same side, then cross the laces over and loop them through the little loop you've just made. Pull tight and it should pull the heel round your foot.
  • I've got girly heels and broad toes but even the lacing technique doesn't help enough with the men's running shoes I've tried. What men's shoes have you found it works on Dangly Spice? Perhaps it's because I wear orthotics which lift my heel up too high in the shoe.
  • Those I have spoken to who have narrow heels swear by New Balance shoes...anyone?
  • I have narrow heels but need a wide toe-box, and found Mizuno Wave Riders fitted best last time I bought new shoes, although I have to use all of the lace holes.

    The Nike Air Span might do, although I found the new Air Althea (the female equivalent) unpleasantly soggy generally.

    The only way you'll find out is by going to a specialist running shop and trying everything on.
  • Thank you for all you helpful hints - I already used the lace-lock technique to no avail, but today I tried virtually cutting off the circulation to my feet and it seemed to work, although my heels still felt quite vulnerable. Maybe they need to toughen up abit too, as it's a while since I last went running regularly. Will bear the tips on footwear in mind too. Many thanks.
  • ChaosChaos ✭✭✭
    You could try Fila - I have a pair of Fila Flow which fit my heel fine but are a little too wide in the forefoot as my feet are still quite narrow there. Might suit you though & they are nice, highly-rated shoes.
  • Nicola - I'm in NB854s at present. I was in Saucony Grid Hurricane until they changed the model.
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