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Bit of a weird one, and I guess you'll need your results sheets for this!

But what is your PB for a transition. T1 and T2. Obviously T2 is going to be the quicker.

I'm intrigued to find out mine
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  • The race i've got this weekend just rolls T1 in with Swim and T2 in with Bike :o(

    I've don a couple of races where T1 seems miles from the swim exit .... and i always seem to step on a shar stone enroute
  • The races I did (only 2)also didn't have seperate transition times, so unless you timed yourself in the pool etc you wouldn't know from the results. Anyway, I lost my bike so transitions were longer than should have been-just inexperience. I'll get it right next year!
  • Don't know Daz. The only results sheets I have transition times on are Ironman races and I don't count them because they are always longer, on shorter races I get in and out again really fast, but on IM I do pull on dry shorts etc. in T1.
  • Just watching the London Tri on tape last night - men coming onto the bike - one guy takes two bikes out at once, slings one back and lets the other guys helmet smack onto the concrete floor. It's then left in the middle of the road until the poor guy comes out of the swim. I think someone would be in for a kicking if they did that to me ! Bu**er !
  • I know, I thought the same when I saw that. You'd think that if you can get time penalties for other stuff you'd also be given them for that sort of behaviour - not good.
  • Nic - I reckon you can slaughter Jodie et al on the bikes. They weren't very good technically at all ! Elite racing for you young lady !
  • I've seen one aggressive little gobsh*te DQd for that, cougs.
  • I should thing so too JJ !
    Anyone messes with my helmet gets more than a DQ !

    You are a bit of a Tri afficionado ain't ya ?

  • Cougie love, you're insane (in the nicest possible way) I am BAD on the bike. TERRIBLE. There is no way I could give even the slowest lady in the elites a run for her money, no matter how bad they are technically.

    But thanks for the thought!
  • Hmmm - we can train you ! They were awful. For world class athletes to go into the U turn in big gears and forget (every single one of them) to knock down the gears ? Silly !

    And hang on - me insane - oh swimming in Docks girl ??? Hmmmmm !

  • Yeah...then there's my running...that's pretty slow too....

    *LOL* Give up Cougs, it's an uphill struggle. I'll just carry on midpacking it and doing lots of swimming, ta!
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