Fat club weds 25th

Feel fat
Just had yet another inappropriate phone call aabout a problem which surfaced over ten hours ago!!!
Why they cant phone at a reasonable time---
Grrrrr. Too annoyed to go back to sleep
Chocolate will not help this


  • still awake
    Gonna do the tax return ,then go for a run
  • thats better!
    45 minute run/walk
    Tax return done
    Could do with going to bed now, but its time to get up!
    Hope everyone has a good day
  • Benz,

    A couple of months ago I got a phonecall at 2230hrs from my boss telling me that I had to do a powerpoint presentation for one of the partners to deliver to client at 9am tomorrow morning. He didn't know the subject, how long the presentation was to be, and who the audience were. I was up until all night making up this presentation. I decided to make the presentation about what our company were doing across the world so had to get on the intranet to get all the information. I emailed the presentation to my boss and the partner at 7am and the drove the hour and a half to the office. Asked my boss a couple of days later if he had got the presentation. Apparently about 20 minutes after he had phoned me the partner had phoned him and told him not to bother about it. He told me he thought 2300hrs was too late to phone to tell me not to worry about it. He thought it was really funny that I had stayed up all night doing this. He didn't seem to see the point that I had put every single motorist on the M4 in real danger.

    I've written and deleted many swear words due to there being a very pleasant audience. But that is how I feel about my current job.
  • I shall never moan about my job again! Well not until the next time my beloved partner gets up my nose.

    Family crazy at present - Kevin having one of her sporadic attempts to be in charge and force her obsessions and rituals on the rest of the household. Ended up giving her a sideswipe in the car this morning because she refused to brush her hair or eat her breakfast (we were running late because she'd slept on the living room sofa - "I can hear a moth in my room" - and put the telly on as soon as she woke up instead of getting dressed) in protest about the noise I was making crunching an apple. She's been well-behaved for a few weeks now and it always comes as a shock when she demonstrates how disturbed she can be.

    So bad start - no coffee, breakfast in the car, bag of unfinished paperwork. Payoff for the lovely run I had yesterday.

    And time to start work already. Hard life!
  • v-rap just wait till Kevin is a teenager and knows everything.
  • Kevin was BORN a teenager, WW. At 15 months, she was dictating priorities ("No, mummy. Pingu now. Bath when I'm ready.") At four, she was telling me that "if you're reading the newspaper, you're not supervising your children properly" and "I didn't ask to be born". Her little brother can be just as delightful - impart an unexpected fact to him and he replies with a querulous "How can you tell?" (at least he's stopped saying "How the hell...", which he picked up from The Simpsons). But they're lovely really, if you don't mind everything being right in your face.

    If only I could get it into Kevin's concrete thought patterns that Pot Noodles are just as bad as cola and burgers.
  • My Kevin (just turned 20, so we may have turned a corner) also had a long term Pot Noodle fixation. I suppose she thought she was actually cooking something. Mind you she still stuffs the burgers down as well, given half a chance.

    Lots of stuff in the papers recently about the danger that obesity poses for kids, but what about just eating crap? My specimen is not at all overweight but nutritionally speaking her diet leaves a lot to be desired.
  • They've finally put my picture up in my profile... only took a week... just realised how bad a picture it is.
  • Don't worry about the picture Gordon, it could be worse. Bear was trying to compare me with Timothy Spall the other day, and V-rap has just accused me of being a Grateful Dead fan.
  • I'd like to know more about the long-term effects of eating rubbish too, and considering the amount of pappy frozen pizza, cup-a-soup, cakes and Vesta meals that I poured down my throat in my days as a latchkey kid, I sincerely hope that any damage is reversible! It should be - after all, a few years of smoking in the teens has been shown not to make any difference to the future risk of smoking-related diseases.

    The combination of junk food and no exercise, and the fact that harmful eating and lifestyle habits are often acquired in the family and persist into adult life, are probably problems. And those pesky thrifty genes, of course.

    I have to take some personal responsibility for the Pot Noodle habit. I've encouraged noodle-eating from an early age (Ivor and Tinkerbell still think spaghetti bolognaise is finger food), I voluntarily take Kevin to the shops with me (strange kid - loves the big weekly food-shop), and if I refused to buy the things she couldn't eat them. On the other hand, how many non-vegetarian 11-year-olds will cross the road to avoid a burger bar?

    Glenn, all the Grateful Dead fans I know are splendid people. It was a compliment!
  • Hi all, hope you all having a good day,

    I am !!!!!!!

    Just reached 2 milestones that I have to share as I am so happy I cant contain myself.

    First one is I have lost 3 1/2 stone since February, down to 12 1/2 stone.

    Second one is I ran my first 8 miles today, it took me 1 hour 15 mins, not fast I know but boy do I feel great.

    Its took me 5 months to get to this distance and apart from painfull shins and calfs over the months everything seems ok now,
    really looking forward to doing a 1/2 marathon now.

    Happy running guys,

  • Well done Gaz, and I would say your time is pretty good, better than my 8 miler anyway.
    Sitting stuffing face with crisps and mars bar. I could always make something decent, but can't be bothered. Put on weight last week, still down in the dumps about that, so yes, now I just sit and eat more. I'm fattening myself up for the marathon on sunday. (any excuse is good enough).
    Better get back to work
  • Thanks DD, enjoy the crisps and mars bar you can always run them off later, and dont be down in the dumps we all have off weeks.

  • Gaz, well done. That's a good time over 8 miles.

    Daisy, don't punish yourself! But you'll probably run a better marathon at the weekend after a few days of sweets and crisps. And think of the weight you'll lose running the marathon. I lost...er, zero. And put on almost a stone in the two months of rest afterwards.
  • Marks and Spencers are the spawn of satan. Just wasted about 30 minutes reading every lable on their sandwiches.

    How is it possible to get 50g of fat in a chicken salad sandwich? Why is the "count on us" chilli beef wrap I bought less than 3% fat, while the ceasar chicken standard type is over 15%? Why is a bag of salt and black pepper pretzels 4.2% fat but sour cream and onion flavour ones four times as much? Since when have flavourings had nutritional content?

    As far as I can tell, unless an M+S product says "count on us" it's been injected with lard. Maybe it's a Hemel Hempstead branch thing - a lot of the locals look like they prefer a lard based diet.
  • You're in the wrong aisle, Glenn. Stuffed vine leaves are where it's at. Or those little packs of chicken fillets which can be stuffed naked into a baguette.
  • I've just had lunch and I'm starving again... might finish that malt loaf I started this morning... 600 calories of loaf in one day... that's surely not healthy.
  • Only 600 calories in a malt loaf, Gordon? I'll have two next time.

    I didn't get a proper lunch because the "provided" lunch didn't turn up today. So had a couple of bowls of bitesize Shreddies and have been sucking lollipops (all the chocovanilla ones out of a Chupachups multipack) for the past hour. Roll on hometime and a full kitchen.
  • V-Rap... are you pinching the kiddies lollies from the surgery??? You won't go to heaven.

    Just over 600 calories in a malt loaf V-Rap.

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