Waist Pack Options

Looking for suggestions for waist packs - I've got an OMM Ultra 6 that has been fantastic, but the bottle holder has started to rip away from the mesh. Going to take it back to the shop I got it from, and hopefully get a replacement. 

However, I've got a trail half marathon in a week and a half, and on the possibility that I might need to get a new pack in the mean time, can anyone suggest something similar that they've found to be good?

It needs to have a bottle holder (or two would be nice). I've seen the Osprey Talon 8 on t'net, but it looks quite tall, and one of the things I like about the OMM pack is that it doesn't go too far up my back. Also needs to have front pockets so I can get to gels etc, on the go. The capacity of the OMM is about right too, I wouldn't want to go any smaller...


  • I've got the OMM 3 which I've found to be great but has no bottle holder.

    I also have the Inov-8 race elite 3 which does have a bottle holder and is equally good and also the race elite 2 but I guess that's too small for you.

  • Thanks Pete - as it turns out, Sweatshop quite happily exchanged for another Ultra 6, so I'm good to go. Innov-8 Race Elite 3 sounds interesting mind.

  • Well glad you're sorted. I can recommend the inov-8s if you ever want something smaller. The OMM is ok but I only ever use it for fell races as I can't get all the obligatory kit into the inov-8 ones!
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