Best bike/tri magazine for newbie?



Any recommendations for a good mag for me to buy - am injured running so out for the whole summer.  About to take the plunge and buy a road bike (taking advice on here have been going round local bike shops to try out different models).

Looking for a mag that might give me tips on biking (feel as if I need advice on gearing, position etc) and also perhaps swim technique and workouts that I could do.

If I get into this enough will be hitting the tri scene next season potentially!


  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    a mag will give you all sorts of tips and advice but unless you have the fundamentals in place, these can confuse you enormously!!!   

    your best bet is to go out and ride the bike - maybe with experienced riders - and learn from that experience.  to an extent the same with swimming although 1:1 lessons or working with a tri club swim session will give you more benefits on techniques.

    but if you want a mag - something like 220 or Triathlon Plus are stacked with tips and hints of all types.  on the bike side - Cycling Plus, Cycling Weekly are as good as the tri ones.

  • 220 Triathlon all the way as a good mag for starting out in Tri.

    PS I am not at all biased in any way at all......honest!

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