Forum Spam: Apology and Fixes



  • Blimey, I've missed out on so much whilst I've been out slowly running, I must get on more threads !! image

  • Once again...majority......about a dozen objections out of thousands of users can not be classed as a majority.
  • Noted BDB!

    Ps. The spammers of that g.gif spam to get links to their pages so everytime you quote a spammer, they winimage


  • seren nos wrote (see)
    Once again...majority......about a dozen objections out of thousands of users can not be classed as a majority.

    and a dozen people supporting it out of thousands can't be classed as majority either

    Looking at the number of people who have commented I would say it's a 50/50 split.

    Let's be hoenst, most people don't care.

  • Lots of people moaned about spam and lots of said they'd welcome mods. I personally had doubts over an unspecified role and who might do it but tbh in practice it can only be a good trial. Give it a chance. I think it will work very well as long as they have willing volunteers (who are chosen wisely)

  • Good heavens..   what on earth is going on...?

    If your house is on fire because your kids were playing with matches, you don't sit down and have a discussion about fire alarms and putting your kids on a pyrotechnics course.  No.  You bloody well get the fire put out and deal with a longer term strategy later to avoid it happening again.

    Appointing a few mods to deal with the obvious spam attacks has had an immediate benefit for everyone.   Maybe there are some technological fixes that could be introduced for the longer term, but right now the problem has been solved in the short term and RW and the new mods should be thanked for that.

    Last weekend the forum was a mess.   This weekend, we can all join in freely.

    What is the problem with that....??



     In case people forget image

  • Maybe the majority are just waiting to see how it pans out rather than making assumptions one way or the or the other based on a few people's gut reactions and visions of doom.

    I am vaugely in favour as a short term patch at the moment but agree they need a proper fix but have no real feelings about it until I see what comes out of it be that positive or negative.
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    I can't really see any problem in what RW have done.  I'm sure its beneficial to have mods who are on the forum a large amount of time and if people are willing to do it then everyone wins.

    Yes, the forum helps to make RW a profit but lets face it if there wasn't a profit then none of this would exist.  We help them make the profit which secures this forum.  I don't buy the mag so I feel I get quite a lot from RW for free. 

    I have learnt so much from these forums over the years and also made some very good friends so am a great supporter of them. 

    I say, well done to the mods and thank you for helping secure the future of the forum.



  • kittenkat wrote (see)

    DV, I wouldn't leave the matches out for my kids to find in the first place.

    (Good point Gertie, most people don't comment they vote with their feet)

    Morning lovely people image

    In the spirit of /386 I would like to point out that you speak for no one except yourself, you certainly do not speak on behalf of 'most people'.

  • kittenkat wrote (see)

    most people don't comment they vote with their feet

    you didnt say you were speaking for most people. you just went ahead and did it at 09:02 am on 17 June 2012.

  • This thread as made me smile this morning, so thank you to anyone who has contributed.

    KK you do realise you are now Stevie G's new muse and are the new D2D. I am not sure if his unual approach to flirting really works but it is fun to watch.

  • Who needs soap operas?
  • "BING - BONG"

    Attention please .... spam womble to aisle 5 please .... spam womble to aisle 5 .... thank you!




    (actually Clubhouse pstorias thread!)


  • Hi all,

    Thanks for your patience as we've looked for a long-term solution to spam on the site.

    After listening to your views, we have decided to use a third-party filtering system. Our tech team are currently testing this at the moment and we should be rolling this out in the next month.

    As I'm sure you can understand we need to roll this out carefully, so we don't filter non-spam posts.

    We'll keep you updated on this and let you know once the filter is in place. Many thanks again to the spam wombles for all their hard work.


  • Whatever it is you're doing judging by the amount of "watch live football" spam popping up all over the place this morning it's not working.

  • To be fair, its not just watch live football, I can watch live motorracing too!!!

  • CazSoul wrote (see)

    Whatever it is you're doing judging by the amount of "watch live football" spam popping up all over the place this morning it's not working.

    The long promised 3rd party software probably hasn't gone live yet, that's assuming it's finally in the throws of being tested. Dominique said in her last post it was going to happen in the next month so they have about 8 days.

  • Hi all,

    We need to test the third party software thoroughly to make sure it doesn't filter geniune posts. I'm in touch with Immediate regularly about this and I'll let you know as soon as it's ready to go live.



  • Hi all,

    Our tech team have been in touch to say the third party filter should be in place (fingers crossed!) in the next fortnight.

    I'll let you know if there are any further delays.


  • Dominique RW wrote (see)

    Our tech team have been in touch to

    Thats an interesting turn of phrase ....

  • I thought that Bruce, I hope it doesn't mean that RW and their tech team are seperate entities in entirely different places which I fear it might...

  • Thanks for the update Dominique.

    cbrunner - it's no secret that RW outsource. The tech team is Immediate Media, or not so Immediate Media sometimes image 

  • Can we sort out todays spammers please...

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