Forum Spam: Apology and Fixes



  • It wouldn't delete, it would put it in invisible limbo until someone responsible has checked it. If it was then decided it wasn't spam it would be restored. If people were deliberately marking valid posts as spam then it would be down to Admin what action they chose to take against those people. Maybe their right to mark as spam would be removed.

    One of the things about User Moderation is that picking the right people is probably the most important part of it, and this tends to mean picking people that have been around for some time and have earned their right to be a moderator. And it needs someone in charge to actually pick them, rather than it it being done by public vote. Whether anybody from RW actually monitors the forum closely enough to be able to do this I'm not sure. I have been on a forum where mods were elected by popular vote - it didn't work. People have to be able to be detached from what's going on in order to make fair and rational judgements, or at least be able to step aside and let other mods make that decision if they feel too close. It won't suit everybody.

  • I have been approached (and accepted) by RW to 'moderate'

    Firstly, I dont see this as a 'moderators' job as described in this thread, more of an unpaid cleaner!

    There is no intention whatsoever for the moderator(s) to play God on any contentious issues that happen and I fully support this.   I see the role of unpaid cleaner as going some way to making this forum usable over quiet times by removing the evident spam as we saw last weekend.

    I have no intention of removing posts or threads that are not genuine spam (if there is such a thing) and there are other ways or alerting first time posters who may have misread the T&Cs or overstepped the mark which will be dealt with as usual by RW

    I did wonder about being anonomous but I think that for me I would rather be upfront and honest and to some extent 'available' if a spam attack happens if for some strange reason I am not here!!

    There are/maybe other moderators who may or may not reveal themselves, I suspect that will depend on how much flack comes my way while I nip out for chocolate  image

  • M..eldy - thank you for agreeing to do this. Good luck!
  • kittenkat wrote (see)
    M...eldy wrote (see)

    I have no intention of removing posts or threads that are not genuine spam (if there is such a thing) and there are other ways or alerting first time posters who may have misread the T&Cs or overstepped the mark which will be dealt with as usual by RW

    Are you categorically saying that you won't remove or change posts by established users, even if you disagree with them? I don't like user mods, I've seen it go from sycophancy to downright misuse on other forums. I also don't like the fact that RW Towers choose users from not being on the forum themselves, complete guesswork. I knew they'd choose you because of various reasons. I don't disagree with that choice if someone HAS to do it.

    That was a compliment btw image I'm fucked off with RW generally as they still owe me money promised from years ago for being a pacer for them and promoting them at races.

    No-one gives a shit anymore.

    As it says on the tin

  • Good luck Meldy, hope you don't mind the 3 am texts to say "GET THE SPAM OFF NOW!" heheheimage
  • Meldy - No flack warranted. You'll do good image

  • Sounds good to me. As  a witch Meldy can probably delete spam without even logging on anyway. image

    <waits for this to be deleted>imageimage

    <in the mean time runs away very quickly> image

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Well done Meldy, you've got to be the highest poster I've ever seen on here, and thus spend your life on here, so who better to clean up this dump!

    Looking at the length of your post though, the power is already kicking in image

  • I cant win can I ?   image

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Now now Meldy, you're at work, you haven't time to chat on here..there's spam afoot image

  • Melds you'll do a fab job I'm sure.

  • She's a witch, burn her! image
  • Oops that was to Mouldy!
  • Burn her anyway Cas   image

  • KK...why should everything be motivated by money? Maybe Melds just wants to make it work better round here.

    I doubt RW makes much profit out of the forum tbh. Web publishing is not as lucrative as some think it is.
  • If I have to explain my motivation for doing something voluntarily without payment for this forum then I am afraid that may well say more about you than it does me

    Its not a huge task, I can do what I can when I am logged on, I am just giving back

    It really is that simple

  • Kk, I think you're arguing with the wrong people here. Perhaps going direct to the finance team at RW towers with a complaint and a request for any owed monies would be a more direct approach, and bring you better results?

    And back to the subject of this thread, I think it's an excellent idea to have some external people monitoring for spam. And having a witch do it, as others have noted, is even better.

    Edited as cross post, to add:

    And please remove that great frozen chip from your shoulder. You are paranoid.
  • "but you can just delete all my posts"

    That's me done.
  • So, are the user mods operational or are they still going through initiation?
  • Witches have their own initiation rites image

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    A catfight, and a three-way one at that image

    Should we order mud or jelly?

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