Forum Spam: Apology and Fixes



  • I found his hand delving into my revels      image

  • I say  - that's just not on!

  • Calling Meldy!!!!!  imageimageimageimageimage


  • M...eldy wrote (see)

    I found his hand delving into my revels      image

    Is that a euphemism? image

  • All gone   image

  • It's saturday morning and the spam is all over the place again...

  • don't think the plans are in place yet 

  • I have been deleting left right and centre this morning ....

    As soon as I spot them I will do what I can


  • Actually Mike .. I cant see any more, can you let me know where you are looking ??

  • thats where my posts went imageimageimage

  • image

    Have you changed your name to  Lljjuigff Lljjuigff ??  

  • Nice work!

  • seren nos wrote (see)

    don't think the plans are in place yet 

    I've also been asked to be a mod, but I've only had the time to delete left and right this morning.  I've got rid of a few, but the b*ggers are probably just waiting 'til I'm not lookingimage.


  • Been quite a few then this morning !!

  • Yep - you beat me to 'emimage

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    How did we know you were going to pick that up KK.

    The thread had a similar title to the 1000s of spam threads, and had a username like the 1000s of spam accounts.

    Hardly a big error deleting it!

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Yeah, a user whose whole amazingly genius thing on here is to spoof Chinese spammers by having a Chinese spammer username, who pretends to make a new post linking to a Euro streaming website has the post removed. 

    Could this be the end of free speech as we know it?  image

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    KK, don't get paranoid nicely...noones out to get you and remove your'd take too long for starters image

  • As far as I can see, either the new firewalls are working really well, or mega-post M...eldy has been busy with the trigger finger. I don't even care if Zoog zoon's football link was from a human with a measurable IQ. From the description here it smacked of commercial advertising and is outside the T&C limits.

    The question is what I now have to do to get a 7 day ban or even a red card?

  • Certainly when I saw the post in question, there was no link, just a remark about watching it live and advert-free on the BBC. Poor pre-match briefing of mods by RW and poor execution. I'm with kk.

  • Crashie I think the issue was covered in the other thread?

  • Common sense wins  image

    Dame Meldy OBE  to the rescue...   fab  image


  • Hmm, well if we're limiting discussion of one subject to one thread...image

    I've had my say, I'll flounce off now.


  • So, do the powers of the Ring of Moderation confer on the Moderatoresses the powers of the Dark Lord before whom all must tremble and obey? Or all the power of Mrs Mop?

    The soap opera continues.


  • Meldy / Jeepers

    It would be a good idea if you get someone from RW to post the remit of the User Mods role.

    I know that you've said it's just for Spam but i can forsee situations where people will personally object to a post/thread and try and pressurise the user mods to do something about it.  If there is a nice official post about what the user mods are allowed to do it'll give you some level of protection.


  • i think they are planning on giving an official post and info on monday...........just there seems to have been a massive spam attack this weekend that had to be dealt with........I think with patience all will be revealed......

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