Prodrid Guide 5/Mirage 2?????


Does anyone one have any experience with the Guide 5's or Mirage 2's? I am currently using the Guide 4's and love them but the time has come to get a new pair.

I know the new Guide 5's have a 8mm heel to toe drop, does this make much difference to the feel of the shoe? Also I am curious to see what the Mirage 2's are like, I am intrigued by the idea of minimalist running shows but am still quite traditional in my running shoe choices.

Any opinions on either would be much appreciated.




  • Hi Ben

    I've got about 250miles on a pair of the guide 5's and I think they're great. Was thinking of going lower on the heel due to foot problems and tried the nike free which didn't work for me. I've had no problems with the guides and they feel a lot lighter than the shoes I've always run in. Never tried the Mirage. Am thinking about the brooks pure cadence but will probaby stick with what I've got.

  • Guide 4's on a good deal at at the moment - just ordered a pair last night.

  • Thats where I got my Guide 4's from, £50 inc delivery I think. have some greater offers on and I have never had any problems with them.

    I fancy a change but am still tempted to get more of the same as I do love the Guide 4's.

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