RW Can we have a tab please?

... I mean up the top alongside the other tabs..



  • although if you do see your way to setting up a pub tab, that'd be equally, if not more, appreciated.....
  • indeed.

    but a page tab would be a good start.
  • you dont ask for much do you!
  • OOOh ed m. You look like Barkles now. I'm confused.
  • hullo chaps - should be along any time - not sure what's happening with our developers...
  • Probably investigating the concept of the pub tab.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    You're not asking for developers to work on a Friday afternoon on what is probably pay day? More chance of my getting Ali Campbell's job (and not the UB40 fella).
  • They are probably getting confused with the soft drink that was around inthe 70's in the greeny/blue can - TAB that is

    Hope that helps, cheers

    Glug... Glug slurp burp slug

  • I thought it was red.

    Or was that the diet version...
  • Silly. Don't you mean Tab Clear. The clear Cola ?
  • or are they infact reading all the surgery back copies of Take a Break?
  • RW...please....?
  • And still...?
    RW...? you must have seen yer web page designer specialists by now surely...?
  • Web page designers are all sat at their desks drinking tab clear and reading back issues of take a break.

    Or they are all out doing something useful like trying to work out how to launch a rocket propelled grenade towards David blaines box - and again i mean the box he IS in not HIS box but if you hit HIS box as well that wouldn't be a bad thing.


  • Oh. [disappointed moue]

    I came in here hoping that it would be the lovely Sean telling us we had a tab.

  • Another even bigger sigh.

    Thought we would surely have one by now.
  • Thumb twidling the 5th element of the tri...?
  • "Moue"

    Now THERE'S a word I haven't heard in a while! Congrats, JJ! Excellent work.
  • I thought it was a typo...?!!!!!!!!
  • No, it's a v good word. Kind of a cross between a pout and a grimace, isn't that so Jj?
  • I like to think of it as a petulant, but attractive, slight protrusion of the lower lip.
  • Um, I know this is going to sound a bit, er, dorkish, but when you say "tab", what exactly do you mean? (Please don't go into the soft drink/pap magazine routine ;o))

    Do you mean along the top, next to the Home, Events, Training, Health, Gear, Forums "tabs", or am I missing sommat?

    >>>scratches head in slight bemusement, whilst trying to perfect a Jj moue<<<
  • Yes,

    now on to that alibi nessie whats the plan ?

  • very good Nessie - bit less lip, a little more cute attitude...that's it!

    Now - tabs. What we mean is a Forum tab, like URWFRC, Training, Health and Injury etc. So - nearly right, but a level up.

  • The tab is here
  • hoorahh!
  • yeah...mind you, you can see why it took their developers so long..really classy bit of work
  • Heehee! I just noticed it was there and sped along here to tell everyone - and didn't use it!

    silly me!
  • Ooh, ooh, found them now.

    Summat to do with me having set up a "favourite" to get me directly to the forums (Home page, pah!), but for some reason, the "home" tab was the one that was chosen. Now that I've clicked on the "forums" tab, the ickle tabs have appeared.

    Oh, I'm excited. I've got a new toy to play wif. Can't do Moue when smiling. :o)

    >>>skips off clicking heels. Unfortunately, clicks heels three times. Where'd that soddin' wind come from?<<<
  • yipee :o)
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