BB half - new course!

hi folks

just got the entry pack for BB - great news - they've changed the course and horseshoe hill has been left out of it. there'll be a bit less shade i reckon, and a few quite narrow lanes, but looks like a better run as a result


  • Sounds good Wolfie. I wasn't looking forward to that hill. What's your number
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Yep, spoke to a couple of guys from Burnham joggers yesterday and they confirmed the killer hill is not in (all though it still has some 'undulations').
    I'm number 183 , where are we going to meet? any suggestions?
  • I'm going to Burnham too - for my first half marathon! Wold love to hook up though will take me forever to get around the course!
  • Doesn't matter how long you take to get around New Runner, just enjoy the experience. I was nearly in tears after finishing the Reading Half this year because I'd got round with a bad cold and still beat my time of 19 years ago. Its worth the hard work for the feeling of pride and achievment. See you all there
  • Hello Wolf,

    Glad to hear that the hill is out. Mrs RB was worrying about that last weekend. Are you still on track for this then. Still feeling like a fat turkey or have we lost a bit of stuffing??!!!

    As you're a local, can you suggest a suitable pub for meeting post race?

    New Runner,

    Love the photo. Have you got a URWFRC club vest?

    Hopefully we can all meet up. I'm looking at a time of around 2.10+ with Mrs RB.
  • Afternoon all

    Just sent of my entry, so hope to see you all on the day.


  • Hey Ratbag (and everyone else!) - Nope, no vest as yet - but to be honest looking out of my window right now am thinking more likely going to need thermals! Am hoping to do this half in 2 hours. Will that make me one of the slowest d'you reckon? As for the photo - if I were a bit more computer literate it would have been something funny (or rather funnier than the real me!)
  • New Runner

    At around 2 hours you won't be one of the slowest. This will be my 10th Half Marathon and I always finish just over 2 hours. There's always loads of people left behind me. People will still be coming in at around the 2.45 mark.


    It's gone very dark and it looks like the end of the world in Camden
  • I would agree with Jason

    For a first half 2 hours would be very good. Don't be disapointed if you don't make it in that time
  • Thanks for the advice. Am looking forward to it - just keen to stay on course with the times in my marathon training book!
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